Getting to Know Us

Meet OtPirate

Would you look at those dogs!

Let’s learn more about TFP’s Lady in Charge!

Tell us about yourself

Why OTPirate? My degree is in Occupational Therapy and I went to East Carolina University-home of Peedee the Pirate. Arrgghhh! During my therapy career, I’ve worked with the elderly, the young, spinal injuries, strokes, but my love was hand therapy and I am one of very few therapists that are Certified Hand Therapists. I have seen some nasty injuries, and enjoyed those the most! 


How'd you get involved with pools?

How did I get into all this pool stuff? My dad, Duraleigh, started the whole thing and after a few too many beers thought it’d be a good idea if I came on board. So, I put my career on pause, uprooted my family from downtown living to move out to the country and run TFTestkits. I’ve never looked back!  

Tell us more about your day to day

Running TFTestkits is only one of my many jobs. I am a professional Cheer mom, uber driver and schedule coordinator to two young girls. A personal assistant, door opener/closer to two rescue dogs (the white one, Josie, is on the picture of the TF-100) I am a not so good Zumba dancer and wife of a military man. Oh yeah, and I am the pool person. 

Dad taught me all about his pool, now my pool, which is just about enough to get me in trouble. It’s a big pool, with a lot of trees around it, so it keeps me busy. We have chickens and are getting bees next month. The chickens used to get in the pool, but it cost me too much bleach to clean it after they got out -check it out on Instagram Troublefreepool. Please don’t call PETA on me, the chickens like it.