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Meet Jimrahbe

Automation, Salt Water, electrical Oh MY!

Jim is a huge part of TFP and how much he’s able to help users with their electrical issues.  Over the years I’ve learned to step back and read whenever Jim answers, as there’s going to be something said that I never knew.  Let’s take a few minutes and learn more about JimRahbe.

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Jim Rahbe.  It is a strange name and pronounced “Ray-Bee”.  I was born in Bathgate Scotland and came to this country when I was about 18 months old.  My dad was part of the Greatest Generation and my mom was a war bride.  I grew up in Tucson Arizona and went to a technical High School in Fort Worth Texas. 

Here is a pic from a lost era.

What is your occupation?

I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force about 4 days after I graduated high school.  I struggled in high school, and even had to go to summer school twice just to graduate on time.  The Air Force sent me to several technical schools and taught me about responsibility, teamwork, and self-respect.  A few years later this know-nothing kid, was selected as the Aircraft Technician of the Year for the entire USAF.   Same old brain, just a new attitude.  I owe almost everything that I have accomplished in life to the education I received during my 20 years in the Air Force.   I retired from the USAF in the 80’s and was the Repair Manager for several military orientated manufacturers, until I retired for real in 2018.

Apparently they were happy to see me go…

How did you become interested in pools?

I honestly had no real interest in pools until I bought an old HUD house that I gutted and rebuilt.  One reason I bought the house was because it had a pool..  My wife and I would swim in the pool after we were done working on the place for the day.  My wife loved it, it was just ok with me.  We bought another “in need” house and of course it had a pool and we did the same thing to that house.  At this point my wife tells me that we needed to install a pool at our house.  I tried to talk her out of it, but she is now hooked on the pool thing, so here I am with three of them..  The wife spends all summer in and around the pool.  We both try to swim/float in the pool every day the sun is shining.

My pools..

Here is a pic of the pool at my first rehab house.  It was still a work in progress at the time.

Here is a pic of the pool at my last rehab house during “Operation Duck Rescue”  A duck had babies and they could not get out of the pool.  I tried to scoop them up with a net, but it was like herding cats.

Here is a pic of the pool at my house..

All three of my pools have now been converted to saltwater pools controlled by an EasyTouch, with IC40 SWCG and IntelliFlo pumps…  The two rehab pools still have DE filters and the one at my house has a large cartridge filter.

What brought you to TFP?

I started out like everyone using tablets and having cloudy water and adding a ton of the “required” bags of shock.  I knew there had to be a better way and eventually this brought me to TFP and I have been here ever since.  Just like the air force taught me about life, TFP has taught me almost everything that I know about pools.  I love it here and I love the idea that I have the opportunity to try and give back to the TFP community.

What other hobbies do you have?

Hobby wise, I have a woodworking shop and have built a walnut bedroom set, and a Cherry bedroom set, plus all kinds of tables, entertainment centers, cabinets, etc.

I used to pretend that I could play golf, and when I was working, set up about 30 company golf tournaments..  I am now not even good enough to pretend.. 

As a side note…

If you know of a young person that just does not want to go to college, I highly encourage you to recommend enlisting in the USAF..  It could totally change their life and future..

Thanks for viewing,

Jim R.