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  1. Baquacil to chlorine conv. question...
  2. Here are the results
  3. Second Summer on Bacquacil and Concerned
  4. 6 yrs with Baq and started conversion but..
  5. Day 2 of conversion
  6. Water Balance, Test Kits and Baquacil
  7. Questions on converting from baquaxxx to SWG
  8. Paging Poolio.......
  9. My Conversion from SoftSwim
  10. I couldn't find CYA, I can't start my conversion
  11. my 5th year on Baquacil - I converted
  12. Did I ruin my pump/filter?
  13. BASIC INFO about conversion
  14. Conversion Help- Baquacil to Chlorine
  15. My conversion is almost over, one more question
  16. Sue from FL in Baqua-****
  17. Pool still hazy, water will not clear
  18. Huge improvement...!
  19. Success...
  20. Ready to convert!
  21. Started conversion, but some questions
  22. Now I am running out of test solution
  23. Started Conversion
  24. Converted from BaquaCrap to BBB
  25. Combined Chlorine
  27. Converting from Baq. to chlorine - need some help
  28. Bacquacil & algae
  29. Converting to BBB, winter closing questions
  30. changing over to salt
  31. How many gallons?? days?? PICTURES ADDED
  32. starting my conversion-will need help
  33. Closing after baquacil conversion
  34. Baquacil conversion
  35. PH during conversion ??
  36. Opening Pool this weekend - from Baquacil to Chlorine
  37. converting this week - high bacquacil levels
  38. Baquacil questions
  39. Good-bye Baquacil
  40. Baq conversion
  41. I got my test kit - here are my numbers!
  42. Getting Rid of Baquacil and Heavy Algae in an Indoor Pool
  43. Another conversion - Finally done !!!
  44. Converted in Seattle
  45. yet another conversion
  46. Oh yeah....another conversion
  47. Yet another Baq conversion in progress
  48. Conversion - how do pool stores do it?
  49. Started this weekend !!!
  50. Philadelphia conversion - not nearly as bad as I had feared!
  51. Stuck with Baquacil
  52. Think I'm almost done!....... here's my numbers
  53. Beth's Baqua conversion
  54. Buh-bye Baquacil
  55. GLB Xchange
  56. Yet another convertee asking for assistance
  57. Converting to Chlorine
  58. Baqua Phobia
  59. Baq levels
  60. Baquacil to Cholorine Conversion
  61. Close to end of conversion
  62. Starting the Baquacil to Chlorine conversion
  63. Started my bleach addition to convert from Baquacil to chlor
  64. Thank you for the help
  65. Thanks and a tip.
  66. Converted in spite of my local pool store
  67. Quick question
  68. WOW, I could see the bottom of my pool this morning!
  69. ALDI Foods has 6% bleach at 33cents/qt in 3qt jugs.
  70. About done converting, what's next?
  71. Help me Im drowning in baqua goo....
  72. Another Baq to Chlorine conversion with DE Questions
  73. Should we convert?
  74. started conversion then torrential rain, now what
  75. A successful conversion
  76. Starting my Baqucrap conversion this weekend!
  77. Help need to know if I am on right track or lost?????????
  78. Converting from Chlorine to Baquacil?
  79. My Baquacil to BBB Conversion in Photos
  80. Conversion Questions
  81. Pool Algecides and Shock?
  82. Need Help
  83. Conversion FC & CC Readings Help!! With Pics!
  84. Ready to Convert - am I?
  85. hello everyone - Questions about copper conversion
  86. I need help with conversion
  87. Started my conversion... keeping my fingers crossed
  88. Another Newbie with a Baq Conversion-Help!
  89. Convert or Drain?
  90. One Month after Conversion-follow up
  91. The Top 10 Reasons to Convert from Baquacil to BBB
  92. Water Converted - Now Green (Overnight)
  93. Ready to convert....will need guidance--completed pix
  94. Completed Conversion from Baqua to Chlorine -- Next Step?
  95. Taking the plunge!
  96. Planning A Conversion For Spring
  97. Baqua Conversion Photos
  99. want to convert from bauq to BBB
  100. My week long conversion.
  101. Frustrated in Florida (with pics)
  102. pool turned green after conversion
  103. converting to BBB
  104. HELP !! information needed
  105. Shelf Life of Baquacil
  106. My Baquacil to bleach conversion pictures.
  107. How to convert a Baquacil pool to chlorine
  108. Alternative approaches to conversion
  109. Need New Pool Liner, Time to Convert to chlorine or SW?
  110. Converting the pool this year, quite nervous about it.
  111. Pool hasnt been open in a few years.. can they add chlorine?
  112. About to be a new Baquacil Owner...Help please..
  113. Want to convert from Salt Water to Baquacil
  114. Sodium Percarbonate Question
  115. Can you use Lithium shock or non-chlor shock to switch?
  116. New pool owner, converting from Baq to Chlorine
  117. Converting from Baquacil to Chlorine soon...a few questions
  118. Opening Pool switching from Baquacil to Chlorine
  119. Just Got My Pool - Some Q's....
  120. My Baquacil Conversion...With Pics!!
  121. baqa new conversion
  122. Update w/ Test Results
  123. Soft Swim conversion Questions...
  124. Baquacil to Bleach Conversion Pics WOW I'm amazed!
  125. Almost converted-what to do with the solar cover
  126. why is my baquacil oxidizer disappearing
  127. Questions as I near end of Baqua conversion
  128. Trying to Convert the Pool to Chlorine from Baquacrap....
  129. Another Conversion Begins ...
  130. Starting Conversion Using Sodium Percarbonate
  131. Converting from Baquacil to Chlorine - Question
  132. STARTING NEW FROM BAQUA TO chlorine (drained pool)
  133. finished converting from baquacil to chlorine
  134. Newbie here, just starting the conversion
  135. pool is full should i back wash filter before i BEGIN???
  136. Baq to Chlor: I added WAY too much chlorine to start
  137. Baqucil coversion Pump/filter use
  138. helpful tip
  139. Probably a silly question...
  140. New & planning to convert...
  141. baquacil to salt conversion help
  142. question about using the test kit
  143. Previous Baqua-apostle now converting.... Here I GO!
  144. conversion completed
  145. Conversion in Progress...Now Complete!
  146. Easier to drain and refill?
  147. I've Seen the Light
  148. Another Soon to be Ex-Baqua User
  149. Baquacil to Chlorine conversion
  150. Considering converting
  151. My Baquacil to chlorine conversion
  152. My BC_2_CC BaquaCrud to Chlorine Conversion
  153. conversion from baqua to chlorine where is the chlorine goin
  154. Beware! Math on liquid Chlor. % from pool store.
  155. Conversion Process
  156. Running out of FAS-DPD reagent
  157. My BC_2_CC Photo-Diary
  158. A hint on buying bleach at Walmart
  159. Just started a conversion last Sunday
  160. thought i was done- but maybe not
  161. Another Baq conversion
  162. ewwwwwwwww.....
  163. Started the conversion Thursday afternoon
  164. baquacil to salt
  165. Conversion! Thanks!
  166. Question on converting to cholrine from baqucil
  167. Converting to Chlorine
  168. need help
  169. Making the switch
  170. when should I turn on my solar panel?
  171. adjusting ph during conversion
  172. Baquacil user - switching to Chorline
  173. Baquacil - Use and Conversion
  174. Started Conversion on Sunday
  175. need help with conversion
  176. need help with conversion
  177. got my tk 2006 today ready for my overnight test
  178. Hawkeye's Baq Conversion
  179. Coming to "the Dark Side"!!
  180. baquacil and cloudy water
  181. New to a baqu conversion
  182. Used Baquacil for a year and a half... NO MORE!
  183. It's my turn to take the conversion plunge!
  184. Seriously considering the conversion... BUT
  185. New believer in conversion, I'm doing it!
  186. How do you do the sodium percarbonate conversion?
  187. SAMs club
  188. 1st time on TFP. Need to convert to Chlorine NOW !!! HELP !!
  189. Here we GO!! Conversion starting TODAY July 21st!
  190. Our conversion...so far
  191. converting soon
  192. Starting to Convert
  193. conversion? questions first
  194. Worried about backwash
  195. Baquacil and iron stains
  196. I don't wanna wait!
  197. Convert with solar cover on
  198. Just began the conversion
  199. Just started my conversion
  200. When to change?
  201. mmarty4's conversion
  202. started my conversion last Friday (8/14/09) afternoon
  203. My Baq Conversion Story
  204. Starting my conversion...8/21/2009
  205. Green water using Baquacil
  206. Stubborn Algae problem/Conversion has Begun
  207. How much extra reagent?
  208. Converted now w/ ?'s
  209. Converted From Baquacil To SWG = Happy!
  210. Another Baquacil conversion
  211. Spring Conversion
  212. Assistance please!!
  213. aa1113's conversion
  214. Draining and Converting
  215. Closing my Pool
  216. Reluctantly considering converting to chlorine
  217. Help me in using the pool calculator
  218. Converting with Bleach
  219. Still all good
  220. Beginning conversion from Baqua to chlorine
  221. Using Oxy - Brite in conversion?
  222. Baquacil conversion with monopersulfate
  223. windy100's Conversion from Baq to chlorine (DONE in 5 days!)
  224. Converting from Baqua to SWG
  225. New Member & converting from Baquacil to Chlorine
  226. What not to do $$$ Conversion to SWG
  227. Thought done converting from baquacil but pool is now green
  228. Baq pool with Milky water -won't clear
  229. converting to chlorine
  230. Bleach Conversion PLEASE HELP!!
  231. Converting need help
  232. previous baqua user, just re-filled, waiting on test -HELP
  233. We have started our conversion today!
  234. Converting In Ga.
  235. Thinking of converting Baquacil to Chlorine
  236. Switching from Baq
  237. WOW glad I found this!
  238. Contemplating the switch
  239. Using Sodium Hypochlorite
  240. Stupid Question
  241. Considering The Switch--Hair & Maintenance Concerns
  242. New conversion and solar cover
  243. Chlorine Pool added Baquacil
  244. Conversion and Mold
  245. Question from new chlorine user
  246. Think about becoming a convert...
  247. Help with Baq conversion
  248. converting from baquacil to chlor - using tons of bleach
  249. no longer contemplating
  250. I started converting from baquacil to chlorine 2 weeks ago