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Thread: Party Prep

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    Party Prep

    Hi Folks-

    its been about 2-3 weeks since I started using the TFP methods. The water looks great and really easy to care for. Now its time for the big 30+ swimmer bash on July 5th. I'm looking to ensure I'm ready.

    Current numbers
    FC 8.5
    CC 0
    PH 7.2
    TA 180
    CH 120
    CYA 60

    PH is low as I added 40oz of MA last night. With the slide and the high TA, my PH rises about .1 a day. So my PH should be just about perfect for the 5th. My tap water has a TA of 320 so I likely will not being topping off the pool which is down about 1/2 inch.

    FC loss is about 1.0 a day with normal use, little higher when the cover is left open all day. So I will likely bump 1-2 FC about 6 hours ahead of the party, to put me at the top of my FC to CYA range, depending on testing.

    Filter is at 22 PSI and I normally backwash at 30 PSI. So likely will not backwash ahead of the party. Understand a clean sand filter is less effective anyway. Truth or myth?

    Fresh skimmer sock and scum ball deployed.

    Brush and vacuum on my day of list, but it really doesn't need it.

    Any thing else you can think of that I should be doing ahead? I do have 20+ pounds of MPS (Non-chlorine shock) left over from my pre-TFP days. Does it make sense to add some ahead of the party as an extra oxidizer? Its not like I can return it so any down side to using it up? I should note that I have the DEOX reagent for my K2006 kit and my current MPS is 0.

    Thanks in advance! Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th!
    Best Regards, Tom

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    Re: Party Prep

    Just bump that FC up 3 or 4 points a little while before the party starts------then check after the lights all go out. Assign someone to check the skimmer every 30 minutes or so to ensure there is no excessive build up of lime slices in there blocking the circulation.
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    Re: Party Prep

    For future reference PH is fine at 7.2, no need to raise it. Add muriatic acid when it gets to 7.8 to lower it to 7.2 and that will slowly lower your TA. 320 TA tap water is annoying!

    I have 4 or 5 gallons of bleach on hand to help my SWG this weekend. I take FC up to 10 before the party starts, back to 10 right after and back to 10 again 2-3 hours later. That will keep your FC well above minimum at all times to keep the pool sanitized and algae free. With that many people I might be tempted to test at 3 or 4 pm and if it is near 7 then I'd add some more bleach.
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    Re: Party Prep

    I don't know enough about MPS, so I suggest just using bleach for sanitation before the party. I've got 30+ coming tomorrow if the rain holds off. I plan on bringing the FC up to near shock level and hopefully that will keep the water from turning cloudy. It will be interesting to see how much FC is lost. I'll probably check the water about half way through the party. Good luck!
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