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Thread: Best Pool Test Kit / Chlorine Levels

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    Best Pool Test Kit / Chlorine Levels

    Hello All!

    I am a new, proud, pool owner. Thus far, it's been great. We've been managing the pool chemistry ourselves for two weeks and it remains crystal clear. However, we're probably over doing it. We test daily and once per week we've gone to the pool store to make sure we were not mis-reading "the colors" and taking advantage of their full printout.

    What is the best pool overall test kit for a home user? I'm a technology fan, so I'd prefer a digital reading -- but we've been making do with the color scales just fine - though sometimes my wife look at each other and ask "is the PH 7.8 or is it closer to 7.6".

    Regarding chlorine readings, is there a test kit that actual reads the result above 3? Our does not. Our current chlorine is at 3 (which is where the pool builder said to keep it during the summer) ... but I am afraid I would never know if it got to 5, or 8, or 12. Is there any "formula" to know which dial setting your chlorinator set to?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Best Pool Test Kit / Chlorine Levels

    I own the Taylor T-2006C and feel it is the best bang for the buck. I don't think you can test too much. That is like having too much money, too much luck, or too many friends. Many, here, will express the sentiment that the 25ml chlorine test is wasteful of reagent. I find that precision is a key to stable water chemistry and a happy pool.

    Re: Taylor -

    1) The Taylor T-2006C kit comes with acid and base demand reagents. They are VERY handy in sorting out those pesky pH colors

    2) make sure, whatever kit you buy, that it has the DPD test for chlorine. That is good from .2 up.

    There is a Taylor T-2006C and a Taylor T-2006A test kit. The latter has very small quantities of reagent. IMHO, if you test often, you will want the 2 Oz. bottles.
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    Re: Best Pool Test Kit / Chlorine Levels

    Pool School - Test Kits Compared

    All you'll ever need to know! TF-100 is best bang for buck. The fas-dpd test is good up to about 50!
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    Re: Best Pool Test Kit / Chlorine Levels

    Quote Originally Posted by ewkearns View Post
    2) make sure, whatever kit you buy, that it has the DPD test for chlorine. That is good from .2 to about 10 ppm.
    Actually, you want a kit with FAS/DPD test for chlorine (which the Taylor 2006 does have, as does the TF-100 mentioned by woodyp). With the FAS/DPD chemicals, you can measure chlorine levels well past 10 ppm, which comes in very handy from time to time, especially if you have to maintain higher chlorine levels to kill off algae for a period of time (a procedure called SLAM around here).
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