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Thread: New VS Pump Questions

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    New VS Pump Questions

    So I just installed my new VS Pump (Hayward SP2602VSP) and I have a couple general questions:

    1. I see in the manual there is a table that gives a maximum flow rate based on pipe size. I have 2" piping and the table says the max flow rate is 80 GPM. Does this mean that at the full 3,000 rpm speed the pump will do 80 GPM? If this is the case, can I assume that at 1,500 rpm the pump will do 40 GPM?

    2. My old pump was a Hayward 1HP SuperPump and I would run it for about 13 hours a day. I have figured out the speed I need to run the pump on for my salt system to work (about 1700 rpm). Should I run the pump at 1700 rpm for the same 13 hours I used to run the old pump?

    3. The SP2602VSP has a built in timer system that lets you program when you want the pump to run and at what speed. With that, I would think that an external timer system to turn the pump on and off is not needed. Is there something that I am overlooking that would call for the separate external timer?

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    Re: New VS Pump Questions

    Hey Donny, welcome to TFP!

    No, and you don't need the external timer. Your flow will be dependent on your system, but I get nearly 75 from mine with a clean filter and heater bypassed at 2200 RPM. The flow rate won't be linear to RPM, so you'll have to adjust and experiment with it. Most of us run way less than 13 hours each day, but it's up to you. If the pool stays clean, and skimmed at 6 hours a day, that's fine if it's done to your acceptance level. Experiment with that as well.
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    Re: New VS Pump Questions

    I always do this to find the min and max speed for the EcoStar on any system. This is an important starting point. For min speed I find that speed that provides the flow necessary to run all things needing flow during normal operations. Also important is that at this min speed the filter should fill with water. Opening the air relief on the filter to insure water is filling can help. Having the filter not fill with water will cut filtration area down. Max speed should be determined by that speed at which the pump starts to cavitate or the pressure in the filter is close to what the old pump produced. Once you set min and max running speed run the pump at the lowest speed for filtration will get you the most energy savings.
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