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Thread: Ok guys got my kit....

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    Ok guys got my kit....

    Did the mad scientist thing, with the aide of my daughter, who at 12 liked the color changes, and liked watching/helping with the basic 2 tube test...

    SO here we go.....

    16X48 Above Ground, been up a week now, tried the SWG, and I dont think its going to work, because my Calcium is probably to high, and it just coats the electrodes after about 5 hrs of running.....So unless there is an awesome way to cure that, i think its out......Came across a deal on a Sand filter, added it in last night, then a "dry" storm pushed through.....this morning things actually didnt look to bad, considering the wind and stuff blowing around....

    Ok Results

    This morning I just did the 2 tube....
    Cl 0,
    PH 7.8

    Added some more acid 1/8th gallon and put a whole bag of shock in it this time....about 45 min apart....came back and tested 90 min later, filter running roughly 11 am

    Cl 7
    Ph 7.2

    Ok so then I got the test out when it came in the mail
    Now at 630 pm, with a day of swimming (man this pool has been busy)

    PH 7.2
    Cl 1
    2 tube

    TA 130-150 Lost track of my drops lol
    Cal 525
    FC 1.5
    CC .5
    TC 2
    CYA never registered full tube

    So where to start??? I am guessing I am doing ok with adding the acid I am, as the PH seems to be pretty close in range.
    Keeping the CL levels??? its been hot and sunny as can be around here, so i am guessing i need to add some CYA in a sock to let it mix??
    My TA looking ok?? and that bit of CC??

    Thanks for the help.....and the water looks ok, not to cloudy, but not crystal like i have seen on here soooo

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    Re: Ok guys got my kit....

    Add some bleach now. Avoid shock powders. They'll either add Calcium you don't need or CYA you don't want to lose track of.
    Target 3 FC to go with your low CYA. Then add CYA to get to 40-50.

    The two pool school articles you'll need are
    Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals
    Pool School - PoolMath
    16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century Whisperflow 1 HP; Pentair Minimax heater.
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