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Thread: Balancing My First Pool

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    Balancing My First Pool

    I have been posting all about my new pool just installed on a separate thread. I was hoping you guys could give me some insight on what to do and if I am heading in the right direction.

    While I have been waiting for the pool to fill up I ran my very first tests on the full hose going into the pool.

    Ph - 8.2+ see picture below
    FC - 1
    CC - 2.5
    TC - 3.5
    CH - 175
    TA - 90

    What should I do first? I already have CYA in the car ready to be put in the pool as soon as they are done. What do you recommend as the level of CYA? I was thinking 50. I know I will need to also add Liquid Chlorine and eventually SLAM. Luckily LC is on sale at Menards now! I know I also need to reduce PH if you agree. So should the order be CYA, add LC, lower PH to level, and then SLAM? Do you think the Slam will take long on a fresh fill?

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    Re: Balancing My First Pool

    Is the water clear? If so no need to SLAM.

    Work on FC first, PH second, CYA can be ongoing with both.

    You only need to wait 30 between each addition.

    I would target 30 for your CYA to start with. Easier CYA to add than to drain water to remove it.


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    Once your pool is filled go ahead and run a OCLT (link below) just to make sure you do not need to SLAM.
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    Re: Balancing My First Pool

    Kim - Thanks for your help. The water is clear but my CCs were over .5 which is why I thought I needed to SLAM. Since I am waiting for the guys to come back tomorrow, could I go ahead and start adding CYA and Chlorine you think? I have an Aquabot and thought about throwing that in there while I added chlorine to get it really stirred up. Or just wait until tomorrow evening?

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    Re: Balancing My First Pool

    You probably don't need to SLAM. Many water companies use Chloramines to sanitize the water and prevent pipe corrosion, so the CC you see will likely dissipate all by itself in a day.

    Adjust things in any order you feel like. 50 CYA is a good target, but I'd start lower just in case the pool isn't quite as big as the manufacturer claims. You can always add more later. Removing excess involves draining. Avoid that. Be aware that you're at the top of the pH scale, so you may be higher than 8.2. It might take more than one dose of acid to move the colors down into the 7 range.
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