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Thread: Super Chlorinate setting on SWG

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    Super Chlorinate setting on SWG

    My water looks good but I'm thinking it is a little dull (maybe). We are in the midst of palm tree shedding time and I'm having lots of debris in the water each morning so I think that's what's making it not look as sparkling as usual. We are having people over for 4th of July so I want it sparkling like diamonds. Would using my Super Chlorinate setting on my SWG for 24 hours do the trick? I also have a few unopened boxes for Leslies Fresh and Clear non-chlorine oxidating shock but I know most people here don't advocate using that.

    Todays numbers are:
    PH - 8.0 (it was 7.6 yesterday. I just added some acid).
    TA - 70
    FC - 7
    CC - 0
    CYA - 60 (I am about to add some conditioner to get it to 70 or 80).
    CH - 450
    Salt - 3100
    Temp - 88
    CSI - 0.31
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    Re: Super Chlorinate setting on SWG

    Easier and faster to just add a large bottle of bleach, which will boost the FC by about 5ppm.
    Although you FC is already on the higher side for a SWG pool ... might just need more filtration. I too am currently struggling with palm debris
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    Re: Super Chlorinate setting on SWG

    Your numbers, for the most part look good. pH is high, but you are adding acid. And your CYA is a little low, but you said you are going to bring it up to normal. Remember it will take about a week for granular stabilizer to register on your tests. With a 7 FC and with 0 cc, you are not showing any organics. I would not use the super chlorinate feature or add anything you are not already putting in to correct your 2 low levels. The super chlorinate setting is for when you have a large organic load, such as a pool party, not for clearing up a cloudy pool. The debris from the palm tree shedding in your area is probably adding dust and all sorts of other dirt to your water causing it to look a little cloudy. When did I you last clean or change your filter cartridge? What length of time do you run your pump?
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    Re: Super Chlorinate setting on SWG

    Drop ph to 7.2-7.4 and see what that does. My pool is nicer with PH below 7.5.

    Do you know what is in the fresh n clear stuff? If you know what is in it and what numbers it will change in poolmath then use it. If you don't know what is in it or what numbers it will change then don't put it in your pool. Have you seen somemof the threads here where people dump pool store stuff in their pool and it changes colors, foams up, yada yada? I'd be very afraid!
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