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Thread: Giving up on green cloudy bug filled pool!!

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    Giving up on green cloudy bug filled pool!!

    I'm stationed in the desert of New Mexico. I have always been on the east coast and had pools there and never once had problems with them. The pool I have here is soo different. The "jets" are at the bottom of the pool not the side and I lose water due to evaporation like crazy (at least 6 in a week). My pump went out for 5 days 2 weeks ago and the nightmare began. So it's a 25 by 40 in ground. It turned green. Pump was fixed.. Shocked it.. Balanced it.. Bugs started showing up. Never had water bugs before. I've put an ungodly amount of shock in the pool to kill all the algae and it's still just cloudy and foams every time. I get a 0 FC reading with an ideal TC reading. Ummm.. What? My CYA is very high. Help. Me. What am I doing wrong? The pump runs 24/7 (there a lot of sand.. No grass here). I vacuum daily.. I'm at a loss.

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    Re: Giving up on green cloudy bug filled pool!!

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    What test kit are you using?
    Please post up a full set of results.

    To get rid of the algae, you need to follow the ShockLevelAndMAINTAIN Process, to do that you need one of the Recommended Test Kits that includes the FAS-DPD chlorine test.

    But, if your CYA is really high, you likely need to replace water first.

    Have you discovered Pool School yet? Start with these:
    ABCs of Water Chemistry
    Recommended Pool Chemicals
    How to Chlorinate Your Pool
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    Re: Giving up on green cloudy bug filled pool!!

    Yep, Jbliz probably hit it on the head, high CYA. Replace water to lower CYA.

    Chlorine level is set based in CYA level and the Chlorine CYA Chart. It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain effective chlorine levels as CYA increases. Chlorine must be maintained at target level at all times to keep the pool sanitized and algae free. If FC drops below the minimum algae will grow.
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    Re: Giving up on green cloudy bug filled pool!!

    I was you 14 days ago literally today. Had a party in my pool today. I had at least 300 tadpoles. 2 trash bags of leaves, the big trash bags. Frogs at least 3 inches at a minimum. Couldnt see an inch into the water. Nothing happened for 6 days straight. Today crystal clear water and about 10 kids. DONT give up, all these guys will point you in the right direction. Bleach is your friend. Dont give up it WILL WORK.

    Get the TF-100 kit. Your gonna need it spend the extra money.
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    Re: Giving up on green cloudy bug filled pool!!

    You're going to have to educate yourself and stop listening to the Pool Stores. But first, you will need to get your CYA under control.

    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry
    Chlorine CYA Chart
    Test Kit Comparison
    SLAMing Your Pool
    Overnight FC Loss Test
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    Re: Giving up on green cloudy bug filled pool!!

    From one vet to another - thank for your service brother! Lots of great advice above, so here's the cliff notes version:
    - TF-100 test kit Priority #1 so you can accurately confirm CYA and FC levels.
    - If CYA is high, then a partial drain is in order to get CYA back down to something manageable (ideally 50-ish)
    - Then you perform a SLAM as noted above. The links are in all of our signatures, so check it out.

    But it all starts with the test kit. Don't rely on the pool store. It's like deploying without combat boots - no bueno. They will have you going in circles.

    Welcome to TFP!
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