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Thread: Coping isn't coping well

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    Unhappy Coping isn't coping well

    Hello, I have a grain-bin style pool. It is made from the cement blocks from old grain bins. It is set in the ground, except for about a foot that is above the ground. It is 12x24, ranges from about 4 ft to approximately 5.5 feet at the deepest part. It has a liner, and the top edge is made from wood planks that the coping board or rail(?)is attached to. The man who built it, unfortunately, passed away a few years ago, so we really don't have anyone that is able to tell us how to do things to maintain it properly. About four years ago we had the liner changed. It cost $700 to have it 'professionally' and I use the term loosely, installed. This was in the beginning of the summer. The following spring, when we opened it the liner had pulled away from the coping strip in two areas. We called to have them fix it, and were informed that it would cost us, and it wasn't cheap. Of course we were mad, and told them to forget it. Since that time we have had more areas come loose. I had it down to one area, but it was right at the ladder. It seems like whenever kids got in or out their feet would hook it a little, making it worse. Now, I was thinking of replacing all the boards that form the top rail, putting new coping strips on them, and then replace the old ones one at a time, trying to get the beaded edge into the board, then pulling it to the top and screwing it down. Part of the problem, it seems to me, is that the man who built it used several planks of wood, and the coping strips weren't really well-aligned from board to board. Due to physical issues, we just spent some $$ on a set of steps to replace our ladder. That was my big expenditure for the start of the season (we are a little late getting started this year,) and I would like to be able to solve the liner problem ourselves, and for as little as possible (without going too cheap and making it worse,) and was hoping that perhaps someone here has had to deal with this type of issue themselves. I'm looking for any words of wisdom, thoughts, or ideas to help with this. I am sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be sure to accurately describe the pool and the problem. If this post is too long, or has broken a rule I do apologize, as it's my first here. Thanks for any help you might offer.

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    Re: Coping isn't coping well

    Welcome to TFP.

    It'd be great if you could upload a picture or a few of the pool and the coping and problem areas so we can have a look at it and give our best suggestions to you.

    Also, if you could finish filling out your signature, that'd be great! What we need to know to answer your questions
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