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Thread: New Pool Help - Northwestern NJ

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    New Pool Help - Northwestern NJ

    Hello all, I've spent a few weeks going through all the great info on this site, what an awesome source of knowledge and experience! I have a couple of questions I was hoping to throw out there.

    Some background: I live in northwest NJ (Sparta), have 5 kids aged 1month up to 11 years old and a 5 yr old golden retriever (I read the threads on the dog nails on a vinyl pool and am a little nervous about this). I have been doing my own research to date, looking to do a free form or oasis type shape IG vinyl pool, I'm thinking 16x32 approx., but if I can go bigger I will (if it makes financial sense and I have the space). I have not reached out to any builders yet, hence my first question.. of all the people I've spoken to in this area that have pools I've gotten very mixed feedback, so to help me get a little more information, has anyone on this forum had experience with any of the following builders with whom I was going to reach out based on proximity to my house: 1) MakinASplash, Oak Ridge NJ, 2) Airmark, Sparta, NJ, 3) Olympia Pools, Oak Ridge, NJ and 4) Olympic Pools in Flanders, NJ? Any feedback would be great one way or the other, including other recommendations in this area.

    Second, I read a lot of threads from the very knowledgeable poolguyNJ (R.I.P), and based on his experience through his posts, it seems as though we should avoid, based on climate in NJ, waterfalls and spillover spa's, and possibly sunshelves based on the water table upwelling in the shallow shelf? (that was at least what I gathered). Also seems like quite a few of the waterfalls I've seen in the area have had leaking probs but I don't know if that was workmanship or just unavoidable due to the major weather changes here.. I haven't heard much feedback about spillover spa's though and quite a few folks have them.. I'm ok to avoid the waterfall and spa, but the sunshelf for a vinyl pool seemed like a really great feature. Any feedback or experience on a shallow sunshelf in the NNJ climate?

    Lastly, I've read the posts on sport pool vs traditional deep end, but is it a no brainer if we do not plan to have a diving board or slide, to avoid the deep end altogether? I would imagine there would be savings in heating and possibly circulating the deep water etc? Growing up I had a 16x32 pool with an 8' deep end and I really thought the slope area (1/3 of the pool) was useless so you really ended up with such a small wading area that was kid friendly. I'm sure the conversation with the PB will guide some of this, but i'd like to understand more about my options in terms of what the deep end options are for a vinyl pool, as in can I have the center be deeper and keep the edges at the standard all around, or do I have to have one end be deep (5.5 ft) the other shallow etc? My kids have no issues swimming in the hotel type pools which never really seem to have deep ends anymore anyway.. Aside from personal preference, is there any other considerations here in terms of cost savings, heater savings, safety (is it bad not to have a deeper end)..

    Thanks again for such a great forum and any feedback you may have.


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    Re: New Pool Help - Northwestern NJ

    Rick I used Sensational Pools located in Orange County NY. The owner Glenn, lives in NJ. Very reasonable man and he is fairly priced. You will have to confirm he installs in your area. Tell him Donny from Rockland County recommended him. As far as the deep end, I would absolutely go for the deep end. Your kids will be grown up before you know it and a shallow pool will be short lived. A pool can be dangerous for children regardless of depth. Parental supervision is a must. Just a few thoughts. Good luck.
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    Re: New Pool Help - Northwestern NJ

    Yosemite, you may want to also consider Crystal Pool & Spa (located in East Hanover) if they would do your are, Sparta. They have won several accolades for their pool designs. When speaking with them, they shared alot of the recommended engineering philosophies that most members of this forum agree with, ie, 2" plumbing all around, separate return lines all back to the pad, Variable/Multi speed pump, Rigid40 PVC vs Flex plumbing, tamped 3/8 -3/4 clean stone back filling, over sizing the SWG, Heater, and Filters, etc.

    Unfortunately, they didn't cover my area....maybe they would yours
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    Re: New Pool Help - Northwestern NJ

    Welcome!!! Looking forward to seeing your pool build pics and all the banter that goes along with it.
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    Re: New Pool Help - Northwestern NJ

    Unfortunately I am south jersey so can't speak to your pool builders, but hopefully someone else can weigh in on this.

    As far as tanning ledge and waterfall - every vinyl pool I looked at here in jersey had both and most had deep end love seats or benches. My tanning ledge is 12' of water so it's not very shallow and the waterfall is only a month old so I can't speak to leaks but haven't personally heard these concerns so here's hoping.

    I would get quotes from
    The various builders and compare and combine what you like most from all of them. This is what I did. Then once I knew exactly what I wanted I gave that to all the builders to price and provide feedback.

    Good luck and your pool!

    I do agree that the one thing I was most concerned with was the wasted square footage from the slope as when i was a kid in our own pool I felt it was useless. I AM SO HAPPY I DID 8 feet!! I never worry kids will dive without space and surprisingly it is the most popular area in our pool!

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