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Thread: XP as Thin Client Server?

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    XP as Thin Client Server?

    I know this is way off topic but was wondering if any members had any good websites/resources/info you could refer me to for setting up the server side for thin clients and XP. More specifically I have a pretty good XP Pro SP3 computer and have a few monitors/keyboards/mice from older computers I can use. I want to buy the cheap thin client units so I can setup two computers for my toddlers. Trying to google this I have read yes/no it can be done with my OS. The forums that say yes does not give details on how to do it.

    I dont want to remote into it, I want to actually run unique sessions of windows each thin client session and if needed run adobe, office, etc from the server. I know there maybe licensing issues but any tips on websites/software to do what I need to do. For the thin client side looking at the low end IBM T5315 or equivalent. You can pick thin clients up very cheap on Ebay. The goal is to NOT change my OS, the time I do that and buy thin clients I can go buy two low-end computers. THANKS!
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    Re: XP as Thin Client Server?

    To actually serve up client sessions from a server, you may want to look into virtualization. VM servers actually host the client OS, and allow the client to just access it remotely. I've seen XP VM sessions run faster on a MAC powerbook than a native XP installation on a comparable Intel laptop.
    Take a look at Parallels (, who is offering a server beta for XP or a "bare metal" install, which means that it can install onto hardware with no OS on it already. Either way, load up the Parallels server, create a virtual computer, and install XP on the virtual computer.
    Then load the Parallels management console on the thin clients, and connect to the server, and fire off an XP session.

    XP itself doesn't do thin client well, and as a remote, only allows a single instance. Server 2kx will allow remote sessions, but it can be costly, and from the server's perspective, there may be apps which won't want to load/run because it's a server OS.
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