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Thread: Difficult summer opening and chlorine hungry pool

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    Difficult summer opening and chlorine hungry pool


    Looking for a second opinion here as we have had some very high chemical bills since opening up our pool less than a month ago. The common theme of the year so far has been open the wallet and it's getting old fast.
    Pool is about 80000 liters, outdoors, vinyl liner, inline chlorinator that gets loaded with pucks, pump that runs 24x7 and a new filter that has zeosand in it. It is also heated and kept around 85f.

    The last two test results have come back much better as a lot of water has been pumped out and refilled. We had a point after opening where CC was at 3.5 ppm following a week and a half where a total of 25 gallons of liquid chlorine was added first 5 gallons where it only made more CC, next 10 gallons where it was unchanged and finally another 10 gallons where it finally began coming down). We have not had green water since the initial opening but it has been very cloudy until this week. It seems that phosfree treatments and repeated shocking as slowly helped. We have followed the pool stores recommendations since day one of opening.

    The problem we are seeing now is that the chlorine we add seems to disappear very rapidly still.

    This test was from Jun 23rd:
    The following was done after this test result
    1. Phosfree added to try and remove phosphates (this was at 3500 ppb as neighbors lawn care company might have contaminated pool, pool opened at end of may with 400ppb). The week prior was spent trying to clear the phosphates and it has progressed slowly. We began vacuuming the precipitate at the bottom of the pool direct to waste rather than back washing it out of the filter after and this helped greatly.
    2. Added 5.5lbs Cal Hypo 65% shock evening of Jun 24th, pool left uncovered until evening of 25th
    3. Added 20lbs buffer in three doses. First was midnight at June 24th, second was 8am June 25th and the final 6.67lbs was 2pm June 25th.

    Test result from June 26th
    The following suggestion has been made following this test
    1. Add 3.3lbs Cal Hypo 65%


    • 7 ppm CYA increase between tests I assume is coming from the pucks in the basket and the automatic chlorinator. Are we introducing too much CYA to the pool?
    • Is the Calcium level going to become problematic if we continue utilizing Cal Hypo in quantities like this?
    • Finally, is the .42 CC a concern since it went up slightly since the test three days ago even with such a heavy shock and no swimmer load? Do we just continue on course adding chlorine(possibly switching to bleach or liquid instead of Cal Hypo and pucks?)

    Appreciate any feedback that you might have!

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    Re: Difficult summer opening and chlorine hungry pool

    HUGS! I am sorry to say but you have been "pool stored"

    BUT we can help you! We can save you so much money AND help you make your pool clear and stay that way! BUT you have to help us help you. You need to look in my siggy for see the good test kits we all use and love.

    Yeah, I know the pool store will test your water for free BUT is it really free if you have to buy this and that AND it does not work????????????

    Let us know when you have ordered your test kit and we can get you started on the next step.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh and yes to the pucks are adding CYA every day to your pool.

    We do not trust pool store tests. You will find that their tests will not match yours when you have your own test kit.

    For right now please only add bleach to your pool.

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    Re: Difficult summer opening and chlorine hungry pool


    Kim's right, the pool store has you chasing your tail. The only way to break that cycle is to take your own readings with a very reliable and consistent test kit like the tf-100. Yes, it's more money but it's worth every penny. The kit combined with PoolMath will show you exactly what to add ala carte. The best thing to do is fire the pool company and their readings and take control of your pool. It's far easier than it seems at first.
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    Re: Difficult summer opening and chlorine hungry pool

    except that being in canada you will have to get someone in the states to send you the tf-100 or k-2006 as the tf-100 can not be shipped to canada, and the k-2006 is very expensive in canada
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