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Thread: Chlorine vs. Bromine Vs. Silver Ion

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    Chlorine vs. Bromine Vs. Silver Ion

    If this question is covered in another section, please post the link. I did a search but didn't find exactly what I needed.
    I recently purchased a Hot Springs Vanguard, which has an ozinator. We have a silver ion sanitizer installed. My wife and I rinse off prior to getting into the tub, and have been following the recommendations of the spa store on adding chemicals. They did an initial water test, and will be back soon to do another.
    After 3 weeks, the water has started to turn cloudy. Is this a normal occurrence with silver ion?
    We are considering switching to chlorine or bromine and are getting a little confused on the pros and con of each, but we feel the silver ion really isn't the way to go.


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    Re: Chlorine vs. Bromine Vs. Silver Ion

    Silver ion is capable of killing bacteria. However, it does not do so fast enough to be an effective sanitizer, especially in a high demand bathing source like a hot tub. The ozonator can be nice for spas but mostly its function is to remove combined chlorine/bromine tub (the bad version of chlorine/bromine that contributes to chlorine odor). Chlorine or bromine can be used alone without an ozonator as well as long as you open the spa to sunlight on occasion to help burn off combined chlorines. Letting the tub breathe will do the same thing as an ozonator. Ozonators when run too long can actually increase chlorine/bromine demand on the tub but do serve a purpose, especially in indoor spas or those that get very limited sunlight.

    If you want two good guides on how to maintain with either chlorine or bromine, see here:
    How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or pool)?)
    How do I use Bromine in my spa (or pool)?)

    I use chlorine myself as I don't like the bromine smell but to each their own. If you have more questions, please ask and welcome to TFP!

    Also check out ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry as it's a great background on chemistry levels that are relevant for spas and pools.
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