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Thread: BBB and Salt Generator

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    BBB and Salt Generator

    We installed our fiberglass pool the summer of 2007 with a salt chlorinating system and had a horrible time keeping all the chemicals balanced. So, last Summer we decided to go with the BBB method and it was fantastic. We turned off the Salt Chlorinating system and used pucks and stuck with the BBB the whole Summer. Now, we are thinking about turning the salt back on this Summer. My question is, can we use the BBB method with the Salt Generator? Do we need to add salt when we open or is it still in the water? If so, what kind of salt and where. fyi: Our installer disappeared after installation, so we can't call him. Any info. would be appreciated! - JP in NJ
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    Re: BBB and Salt Generator

    Yes, you can use a salt system with BBB. We tend to call them SWG (Salt Water chlorine Generator).

    Most of the salt you added before should still be there, but you will have lost some due to splash out, overflow, and draining you might have done. The best idea is to get some AquaChek salt test strips so you can measure your current salt level and figure out how much you will need to add.

    When you add salt you want to use crystal salt designed for water softeners, sold at most larger hardware stores, typically in blue bags. You want pure salt, no extra features. Avoid rust or stain fighting and don't use table salt.
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    Re: BBB and Salt Generator

    A couple of things I have learned through my own experience as well as others on this forum is that SWGs require a few things to work properly and avoid problems. Besides salt level, CYA, CL levels and PH are very important to proper operation.

    Most SWGs seem to work best when the CYA is between 60-80 ppm. This helps protect the chlorine from UV extinction. Also, most manufactures recommend 1-3 ppm of chlorine at a CYA level of 60-80 ppm but this has not shown not to be sufficient. A chlorine level of 3-4 ppm has been show to be better suited to a CYA level of 60-80 ppm so this forum recommends a little higher levels.

    Also, SWGs tend to raise PH over time so it is very important to watch it carefully. Higher PH tends to reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine so it is important to correct it quickly to avoid other problems. Target a range of 7.4-7.6 but you can go as high as 7.8 before correcting depending on other conditions.

    If you keep your chems in the appropriate range, you should have trouble free operation of your SWG and may find that you won't need bleach except for occasional bought of algae.
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