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Thread: Hayward Universal-H vs regular Hayward -H propane heater experience

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    Hayward Universal-H vs regular Hayward -H propane heater experience

    Hi folks,

    Has anyone got any experience of the cost/performance of the Hayward Universal-H propane heater, especially if compared to the older Hayward-H series.

    I have a small kidney-shaped fibre-glass pool, overall dimensions roughly 24 ft by 12 ft. Actual volume, because of kidney shape, is only 25,000 l (6,500 US gal). Surface area is about 250 sq ft.

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    Re: Hayward Universal-H vs regular Hayward -H propane heater experience

    Hello flowal! I see you haven't received a reply yet on your post. I just wanted to let you know we haven't forgotten about you. The server problems have impacted several forum replies. This reply should get your posting updated back to the top of the queue where hopefully someone experienced with your specific question can provide some constructive answers. Thanks for checking-in with TFP, and have a great day.
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    Re: Hayward Universal-H vs regular Hayward -H propane heater experience

    The Universal H-Series heater is the most efficient Hayward heater made to date. Most homes with a 200,000 BTU load requirement can operate off a 500 gallon propane tank at 20%. When You add a 400,000 BTU heater you have tripled the load. At this point you need to keep the tank no lower than 40% to ensure the heater is getting the correct BTU’s for operation. A 400,000 btu heater will burn approximately 4.4 gallons an hour. Heating a pool normally raises the temp .5 to 1.5 degrees an hour depending on the size of the pool and heater. It is a good idea to have a propane tank size of 100 gals for every 100,000 btu's. The most common call to tech service on propane heaters is tank size and letting the tank get to low.
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    Re: Hayward Universal-H vs regular Hayward -H propane heater experience

    I would consider the Raypak heater before a Hayward unit.

    Here are the list of issues I have run across on Hayward's that are within the 5 year old range. Leaking heat exchanger, bad keypad, bad gas valve, bad ignitor board, and bad display board. I have seen this over and over. In my opinion, this is NOT Hayward's best product. The older ED2 series heater was their strongest units ever made and had very few failures.

    Raypak on the other hand has been a very solid player in the heater market for a long time. They have a unit that is a very solid performer and from what I have seen over the course of the last 5 years, very few issues. Unlike Hayward, Raypak is pretty much a pool heater company and focus their sights to be the best. They do not make pumps, filters, automation, or chlorinators. So they can focus to make a great product.

    OK I'll step off my soap box now.
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