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Thread: Harsco Sorelmix Filtering Media - Is this a good filter sand?

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    Harsco Sorelmix Filtering Media - Is this a good filter sand?


    While I had my sand filter apart, I decided to top-up the sand to make up for what I had wasted. My pool store sold me a "mineral replacement"

    They told me this was better than sand - because it would last longer, would filter down to 15 microns, it didn't have silica dust - it was $14.99 for 50lbs so I bought it.

    So at home I googled it ...

    .. Its made by recycling mining tailings....

    its Technical Information
    Grain size 0.850 to 2.25 mm
    Grain shape Semi-angular
    Filtration capacity 15 microns

    I think this is not what I should I be using in the filter because these particles are too big.
    From the owners manual the grain size called for is

    1. Wedron Silica/Best Sand Co., Sand Grade: Wedron .45-.55mm., Effective Size .46mm, Uniformity Coefficient 1.22.
    2. U.S. Silica - Silurian Filter Sand, Sand Grade.45-.55 mm., Effective Size .48mm, Uniformity Coefficient 1.18.

    The closest I can find to that specification is.available from a hardware store.

    TEMISCA FILTRATION SAND and is profiled as
    47% mesh 20-.85mm
    47% mesh 30-.60mm
    6% mesh 40-.425mm

    Am I jumping off the deep end if I return the product to the store and tell them selling this is a disservice to there customers?

    Is the Temisca sand much closer to what I should be using?

    Am I getting my shorts bunched up over nothing?
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    Re: Harsco Sorelmix Filtering Media - Is this a good filter sand?

    There is no excess of shorts bunching here. I think you are on the money with your concerns and I think it once again points out the ignorance of pool stores.

    Returning the product to them for your money back is a good idea.......trying to convert them to become informed and REALLY help their customers will wash over them like water off a duck's back.

    A salesmen tells them this is the latest "miracle" product and you can make an extra 10% margin. That's the end of their research. You then become their guinea pig to find out if the product works or not.
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