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Thread: White chalky residue on fiberglass

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    White chalky residue on fiberglass

    My fiberglass pool in 5 years old. I started noticing 2 summers ago when you rub against the sides of the pool this white chalk is all over you. The pool company who put it in never told me this could happen & fyi they are no longer in business. Ugh. 'm not good with all this pool chemistry stuff. As long as my water was clear I'm happy. Until you swim and it becomes cloudy.for a day then clear again. (Which now I know it's not the chemicals it's the coating of my pool )Well this summer it's worse more chalk is on you. I know when I set my chlorinator to a lower setting my pool is clearer. So I figured out I shouldn't over chlorinate (which I tend to do) it's my ocd of over bleaching things. Anyway I go to my local pool company to test & he tells me what to put in like PH Nothing else cause I always have too much chlorine. So now I'm worried since he told me it could be the gel coating coming off. He gave me calcium to put in. He told me to scrub the pool more & vacume more. But eventually I'll need to re coat the pool. Now I'm terrified. What can i do now since its been a growing problem? This is the only issue I ever had with this pool. Thank you
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    Re: White chalky residue on fiberglass


    My first suspicion is Calcium Carbonate - exactly the same as blackboard chalk. But without test results, that's just a guess. Do you have a test kit?

    High alkalinity, high pH, and high Calcium can cause the dissolved Calcium to come out of suspension and stick to the walls. Insufficient brushing can also cause problems. Stuff that should get suckedthrough the filter and removed instead stick to the walls.
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