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Thread: White Dead Algae Residue at Bottom of Pool

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    White Dead Algae Residue at Bottom of Pool


    After killing off green algae by adding shock treatment to pool for two days, adding chlorine tablets, and running the filter constantly there is tiny white residue (which I believe to be dead algae) that accumulates in clumps at the bottom of the pool. It is there while the filter is running, and while the vacuum does pick up the debris, it comes right back. The rest of the water is crystal clear, it is only the bottom where debris shows up. We backwashed the filter three times, and the third time took apart the filter and cleaned it. It is a brand new filter, we bought it 2 weeks ago.

    My main question is, do we need to do something more to get rid of this dead algae or will it clear up eventually by running the filter?

    Our test kit is BASIC and probably not helpful at all. Results:

    Cl: 1
    pH: 7.2

    I understand that the CYA, FC and CC levels are very important after reading Pool School articles but unfortunately don't have these measurement right now. We always use chlorine tablets, we don't use a stabilizer although from reading the articles I believe these tablets contain stabilizer? I understand from the articles that liquid chlorine may be better or bleach and would appreciate if anyone could tell us how much bleach to use (pool is 54,800 gallons).

    We've been to our pool store twice and weren't really given any answers. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: White Dead Algae Residue at Bottom of Pool

    I would advise you to Read pool school a few more times, until you really understand it. Vacuuming will help rid of the residue, but if you only threw in a bit of shock, it will likely return. Read the SLAM procedure that is recommended here, and seriously consider ordering a recommended test kit. The money you will save in not needing extra chemicals will more than make up for the onetime cost of the kit.
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