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Thread: Backwash Valve

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    Backwash Valve

    After backwashing when putting valve back to filter and disconnecting backwash hose to the street and turning pump back on water still pours out of backwash!

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    Re: Backwash Valve

    Welcome to TFP. Got a picture of it? Is the handle properly seated? Was the handle hard to operate? The spider gasket may have failed.

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    Re: Backwash Valve

    You also should shut the pump off before you rotate the handle, check here under the Sandfilter heading: Pool School - Maintenance and Cleaning of Pool Filters

    I had to order a rebuild kit for my sand filter that included a spider gasket and a few other things. My handle was also not hard to operate when I had this issue. I would splurge and get the rebuld kit/gasket and read over the article I posted above.

    It definately is a frustrating problem to have.
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    Re: Backwash Valve


    Too bad it wasn't under happier circumstances. Do you have a push-pull valve, a multiport valve, or is the valve just a lever in the filter base?

    Push-pulls have O-rings in them that can split and tear. Not a huge problem to replace if there isn;t a lot of corrosion in the pipe to resist pulling the stem out.

    Multiports have a spider gasket that can fail. That's a fairly easy fix and you can find how-to videos on youtube, even.

    The kind with the valve in the base (like mine) I'm sure has some kinds of O-rings inside, but I shudder to think how much work replacing them might be. That said, sometimes mine dribbles a little. I've learned to learned to leave the hose attached and run the filter a minutes to fill it, then shut it off and open and close the valve a few times and let gravity flush any stray bits of grit out, then make sure the handle is pushed all the way to the stop when closing it.
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