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Thread: Baqucil/ Even have the pool store confused

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    Baqucil/ Even have the pool store confused

    Hi Everyone...We are brand new to pool ownership this year (27 foot above ground with a sand filter) and we also took the bait and started on Baquacil products...We are encountering a problem that THREE pool stores that I have taken water samples too are "baffled"... we were obviously a fresh fill from the well...water was brownish at one point then after a day or two of filtering it had a greenish tint to it..So before we added any Baquacil they add us use a Metal reducer.(can't remember the exact name of it but made by Baquacil) Went back to pool store two days later...Water still had green tint but showed only .2 for iron levels...They had me add 2 bottles Oxidizer and 6 pouches Algidefense to the skimmer that day...Next morning the water looked green still...Instructions were to add 2 jugs Sanitizer/Algistat...Water turned IMMEDIATELY white and milky and dark green above bottom drain...Bazillions of particles floating through the water...called pool store...They had me filter for 24 hours..Brought in water sample...It showed good Oxidizer readings but NO Sanitizer at all??..They said I must still have metals in water...Their answer was to Floc the I flocced the filter for two days and nights..Woke up this morning to B E A Utiful clear sparkling water...Added 2 more jufs if Sanitizer/Algistat...water turned IMMEDIATELY white milky can't see bottom of pool .has the white particles in it AGAIN...been to two different pool stores today...Nobody can seem to know why..One of them said 19 years in business selling Baquacil..never seen this reaction before.. I am obviously going to switch to Chlorine but we are holding an Open house this coming weekend for my son and the following week is my youngest sons birthday party...Trying to get through the next couple weeks and then do the conversion...But desperately looking for an answer as to why it keeps having this reaction when I add the Sanitizer...Tested the water with Baqua strips this evening...Sanitizer level is already down to 15...Something seems to be eating it right up!! Thanks in advance for any insight you all can provide me!!

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    Re: Baqucil/ Even have the pool store confused

    Welcome to TFP!!

    I'm sorry to say their are few on this forum who will be able to help. We have a couple of former Baqua users who may offer some guidance, but most come here to have help getting rid of the Baqua.
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    Re: Baqucil/ Even have the pool store confused

    I'm sorry to say, I have to agree with Tim. I certainly don't have the experience with it. I'm sorry....

    I would still like to say welcome to the forum..
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    Re: Baqucil/ Even have the pool store confused

    Welcome to the forum.

    Baqua is a dying product. We used to see a lot more of it 8 years ago. I know that doesn't help you but explains why it may be a while before you get some help from the forum.

    I am obviously going to switch to Chlorine
    Sorry, I missed that. Then we can help....a lot. Let us know when you are ready.
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