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Thread: IC 40 wiring

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    Angry IC 40 wiring

    When pool installer put IC 40 in they did not wire correctly. I have easy touch control center and when pump turns off based on schedule IC 40 is still on. I have been lookng at wiring diagram, but cannot make sense of it. Not sure which color goes where or which wires go in relay and where. Please help?

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    Re: IC 40 wiring

    Nothing wrong with the IC40 remaining powered on.

    There is a flow sensor built into the cell. When the pump is off, the IC40 is deactivated, even though the lights are still on.
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    Re: IC 40 wiring

    What peter says is correct, although technically Pentair's manual says to wire the IC 40 so that it is controlled by the filter/pump relay. This way the IC 40 only gets power when the pump is actually on.

    I hesitate to try and tell you how to wire your system up, because there are a couple of different ways, depending on what voltage you use to run the SWG's transformer and the electrician my have used the pump/filter relay for something else. In fact, although the pump filter relay is normally the first one on the left, it doesn't have to be, depending on how your electrician connected the relays up. I suggest you call your pool company and have them come out and do it right.

    If all else fails, you can post a picture of your Easytouch, with the circuit breaker cover removed and showing the internal wiring, I'd be glad to give it a shot.

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    Re: IC 40 wiring

    As Peterl1365 said, there's no real issue as the flow switch will prevent the IC40 from trying to produce Cl. But, if you're like me and just prefer things to be "right" I can try to help you. I'm in the process of wiring up my Easy Touch and IC40 and I think I've got it figured out. My advice assumes you have an EasyTouch with the SCG option built in. Amongst other things, this option includes a big honking, very visible transformer in the Easy Touch box. If you don't see that, what follows won't be valid.

    Of course, a disclaimer: lethal voltages may be present; only qualified or knowledgeable persons should fool around with this stuff. Always disconnect power at the main breaker panel before attempting any service. Don't blame me if something breaks. Okay? then proceed.

    The wire colors will depend on whether you have 120V or 240V and what your installer had in his tool box. You can have 1 or 2 wires going from a circuit breaker (CB) on the left side up to the first relay on the left (the Filter Pump Relay). These wires can be a variety of colors but most likely will be black, red or blue (basically, installers choice). They should definitely not be Green.

    If you have 2 wires going from circuit breakers to the relay, you have 240V. In this case, the wires going from the relay to the SCG transformer should be yellow and white. The purple and black wires coming out of the transformer should be tied together with a wire nut and left dangling. The terminals on the relay should be wired as follows, starting at the left most terminal: Line 1 (from a CB) > Yellow or White wire to transformer > Line 2 (from a CB) > Yellow or White wire to transformer.

    If you only have 1 wire from a CB to the relay, then you have 120V. The wire from the CB should be on the left most terminal of the relay (Line 1). The next terminal (Load 1) should have a yellow and black wire connected together and going to the transformer. The remaining purple and white wires from the transformer should be tied together and connected to the Neutral terminal bar in the box (where all the white wires are connected).

    This information is on on the Easy Touch panel door label. Admittedly, there's a ton of info on it but it's your reference guide. The SCG transformer wiring is shown in the center of the label, just above the "! Warning" notice. The relay connections are shown in the middle of the label, on the left side.

    Hope this helps. Don't forget my Disclaimers
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    Re: IC 40 wiring

    I agree, the SWG should be wired correctly to the pump relay and not relying on the flow switch which is meant to be a backup.
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    Re: IC 40 wiring

    I have the same equipment as you. I don't know if this will help but I took some pictures of the circuitboard it's wired to. Maybe you can compare this to the way yours looks and figure out what the wiring problem is.

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