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Thread: Return Port Removed but Liner/Wall Holes Don't Line Up

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    Return Port Removed but Liner/Wall Holes Don't Line Up

    OK, so I had a small leak creating a rust drip on outside of new pool. Drained the pool below the outlet and removed it to replace the gaskets and cover any raw metal with fingernail polish to stop the rust. All that done, the pool is still 2/3 full, and the liner hole is pulled about half an inch below and to right of the hole in the pool wall. Is there an over sized gasket, trim ring, or anything like that for this sort of thing? Or should I buy vinyl repair tape, cover the entire hole, and then cut a new hole in correlation to the one in the pool wall? Any other ideas?

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    Re: Return Port Removed but Liner/Wall Holes Don't Line Up

    Hello! I see you haven't received a reply yet on your post. I just wanted to let you know we haven't forgotten about you. This reply should get your posting updated back to the top of the queue where hopefully someone experienced with your specific question can provide some constructive answers. Thanks for checking-in with TFP, and have a great day.
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    Re: Return Port Removed but Liner/Wall Holes Don't Line Up

    That's a tough one.

    We could go into the reasons why that may have happened, but it is not going to help you fix it. I don't know of any oversized gasket. If it was me, I would put TWO patches on, one from the back (cut a square, and cement it to the back, and then one from the front (over the hole). then I would cut a new hole. That is what I would do.
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    Re: Return Port Removed but Liner/Wall Holes Don't Line Up

    Thanks, Dave. I went to the local pool store and they gave me the same advice. Bought a patch kit and will try it tomorrow. The patch kit says to apply pressure to the glued patch and it cures in 24 hours. Any ideas on how to do this? Since this hole is about a foot below the top rail, I cannot get a clamp on it.

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    Re: Return Port Removed but Liner/Wall Holes Don't Line Up

    Just put the patch on and hold it for a minute til it adhears. There is No way someone could patch a hole n keep pressure on it for 24 hrs. It will not take that long. Good luck.
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    Re: Return Port Removed but Liner/Wall Holes Don't Line Up

    Just wanted to update and close out this thread. I purchased the patch kit and glued a patch on each side of the liner sandwiching it between. Used a small rubber roller (that I had from wallpapering the house) to roll out the air bubbles and apply as much pressure as possible. Then my fingers rubbing the patched area from both sides got the edges to stick well and waited 24 hours for curing. Then I cut the new cross-slits centered on the hole in the pool wall, and replaced the outlet port with a new Hayward port with rubber washers. Just as an extra measure I used 3M marine sealant made for vinyl around the port on the inside and outside of the pool wall. It all seems to be holding well so far.

    Thanks for all the input which gave me the courage to tackle this project.

    Now to deal with a small drip coming from the tubing which I have loosened the clamp and moved the tubing a bit to try to stop, but it's still dripping once in a while.

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