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Thread: Balancing levels correctly

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    Balancing levels correctly

    Hi! I am new to this site, but seems very helpful. We have owned an inground pool for 3 years now. Usually have no problems with cloudy or mucky water. Last year we started noticing some skin irritations with the kids and their eyes bothering them. So we started doing some research. Found that our "acid" levels were pretty high? Needed baking soda and stuff. It was the end of the year, so just kinda left it over the winter.
    This year, I am trying to get things at a good level all around, but honestly feel like I'm doing steps that seem to be countering each other. We finally have all the gunk out of the bottom, the sides and everything have been scrubbed, all filters are clean and water is now FINALLY clear, but still reading VERY low on chlorine levels, the PH isn't even reading on the test kit. So, we were told to add PH.... Well, we have dumped tons in, and it still just barely reads "yellow" on the tests. So.... The pool store told it it was to acidic, and needed baking Again, dumped what seems like tons in, like 20lbs of alkaline in, and still, nothing seems to be happening, except our chlorine levels are reading lower and lower. Help! We have a 20x40ft in ground pool, and run our filter pretty much nonstop. Other than cleaning it.
    Any thoughts??

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    Re: Balancing levels correctly

    I'm guessing you've been chlorinating with trichlor pucks and shocking with dichlor shock. Both of them are very acidic. You have a big pool, so it will take massive quantities of stuff to make changes. And if I'm right, your CYA level is probably well into triple digits, which makes everything hard to manage. You might need to replace some water.

    Can you post a full set of test results and how you got them?
    Also, if you could list equipment in the signature so we can see what we're dealing with.
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