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Thread: How much sand do I need, in inches?

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    How much sand do I need, in inches?

    As best I can tell, I have the Pentair SD40 Sand Filter, which is a 19" filter. I have had major equipment related issues this summer, all of which are ultimately my fault for relying on the local pool company to take care of them. I'm not going to go into detail of why I asked them to handle it all rather than doing it myself, but I should have just bit the bullet and figured out a way to take the time to do it myself.

    I had a nicely clearing pool. And then the SHTF (pressure dropped to very little with pump running, so I stopped the pump as I didn't want to burn it out, called company and got "we will be there tomorrow" a dozen times including while I was out of town for a week). I decided to stop waiting on them and had a little time to spend on this. I went to take the lid off the trap, and somehow broke the dang trap body. Basically my pool has sat for three weeks without a filter or chlorine from the start of the problems, so it's going to be difficult to get swimmable again once I get the parts I need (on the way) and put everything back together. I have a swamp with tadpoles and clumps of algae which I was on the final stretch of eliminating.

    To potentially help speed that process up (and make sure it wasn't something weird with the filter, I took the valve off to do a deep cleaning of the sand). Really all I'm getting is smallish debris while rinsing and stirring, nothing like what I've seen described by others during that process. But, one thing I'm concerned about is that it just doesn't seem like there is enough sand. I have found that this filter takes 150lbs of sand, but I've found nothing referring to a depth. I see people talking about "adding more sand if needed," but I'm trying to figure out how you know how much to add?

    Not really ranting...just frustrated. I fixed my algae problem last year, and this year it's equipment.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: How much sand do I need, in inches?

    Welcome to TFP!

    No problem we can help clear it if you need it. Generally, a SF needs to be filled about half way, or a little bit over the halfway mark. This is general, but about the norm. 3/4 full would be too much. At least on the ones I've dealt with.
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