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Thread: My pool or pond lol

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    My pool or pond lol

    I have a in ground pool 17500 -20,000 gallon with liner & 1 skimmer & no main drain.

    I had equipment failure at the end of last season, so the pool looks like & sounds like a pond with all the local frogs & bugs.
    To add to the issues the pool had weed eater grass clippings in it then also. Oh boy the fun starts now, fix & clean.

    At the end of last years season I noticed the multi-port valve was letting water bypass the filter setting & out the waste tub, not a lot but leaking none the less.
    But I'm part Irish so you know what they say about the luck!
    Then trying to clean & close the pool my helper vacuumed up enough grass (with the leaf bullet) to stop up the propeller.
    I cleaned it out & as luck would have it he ignored the noise (the grass that got past the propeller in to the shaft area) and motor over heated shutting off.
    It would not restart after I fixed the issue.I also have needed to replace the DE grid so no time like now to do it all.
    My thoughts are falling into replace or fix (rebuild) items..
    List of Issues :
    Replace motor
    Replace $90.+tax or rebuild $45+tax Hayward SP0710XR50 multi-port valve
    replace DELE-42052 filter grids $90.+tax & hope nothing else is broken in the process.
    There is a complete assembly for this parts $380. +ta

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    Re: My pool or pond lol


    Rebuilding the valve lets you avoid replumbing.

    A leaf gulper might be a good idea in your situation. Keeps the filter out of things until all the big crud is gone. And I';d suggest you stretch a knee-high stocking (queen size works best) over your skimmer basket to catch anything that might slip through to clog this impeller.

    Document things. Posting Photo's Tutorial
    A good swamp-to-sparkle thread can win you a place in Recovering my old inspirational links
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    Re: My pool or pond lol

    Welcome to TFP!

    Sorry to hear about your pool troubles, but it can be brought back to life - there's plenty of examples of that here on the forum. First, you will need one of the Recommended Test Kits.

    Here are a few other resources to get you started:
    1. ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry
    2. Chlorine CYA Chart
    3. Recommended Pool Chemicals
    4. Recommended Levels
    5. Pool Math
    6. SLAM - You will need to do this to clear your pool once your equipment is back up and running
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    Re: My pool or pond lol

    Rebuilding the valve lets you avoid replumbing.

    I'm deciding on rebuild vs replace as I can just bolt on the new one ,its the exact same on replacement. I just trying to save cost ,but unsure of the rebuild due to the spring loaded part of it. as to can I manage that part after all I'm a girl.

    tomorrow I'll try and get some pic's up.
    Yes slamming is in order, I do specialty pool services for the elder with green water issues so I got this

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