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Thread: Algae

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    My above ground pool is being taken over by green algae that has now turned blackish green. We have had none stop rain and shock doesn't seem to be cutting it. Need to get my pool ready for July 4th! Also, we vacuum through the filter. What is the best setting for this?

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    Re: Algae

    Welcome to TFP!!

    I will tell you, it didn't turn green overnight and it will take time to clear. But, we can teach you how to get it sparkling and keep it that was for a lot less money than the pool store.

    Not much credence is given to pool store testing around here. While you would think that a "professional" would be the best, unfortunately in most cases it is quite the opposite. Between employees who blindly trust the word of chemical sales representatives and high school kids working in the pool store for the summer you end up with poor results from their testing. But, what can you do?? We base our pool care system on accurate testing and only adding what the pool needs, when it needs it. To do that you need your own accurate test kit. Order a TF100 and at least include the XL option. That will give you what you need while you are clearing the pool, and probably enough reagents for a couple of years normal use.

    While you wait for it to get delivered, you have a homework assignment. Start with Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparkling Oasis
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    Re: Algae

    Hello and welcome to TFP! We can help if you are willing to do a couple things:
    1 - You must have the proper test kit. (see TF-100 link below) The proper test kit is everything. Why? Because we've all learned (from personal experience) you cannot reply on pool store tests, test strips, or simple over-the-counter kits. They don't read Free Chlorine (FC) or Cyanuric Acid (CYA) levels accurately or to the high levels we need.

    2 - Avoid the pool store for testing, advice, or products. You simply won’t get the advice/service you deserve and you will waste money on products your pool doesn’t need. Do not add anything to your pool other than what is advocated by the TFP site or its experts.

    Algae means you need to "SLAM" your pool. Not shock or spike, but SLAM.

    SLAM is the term used when we “Shock” our pool to a higher “Level” of Free Chlorine (FC) and “Maintain” it that way until 3 objectives are met:
    1. Water is clear
    2. You do not lose any more than 1ppm of FC overnight (that's the OCLT)
    3. CC (Combined Chlorine) is <.5
    ** You MUST meet ALL 3 items above to properly do a SLAM. Simply “spiking" the FC higher than normal isn't SLAMming, therefore there’s a good chance your algae will return.

    If you are ready to take charge of your pool and have sparkling clear water, just follow these procedures and you'll be on your way. But #1 priority is that test kit.
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    Re: Algae

    you got the info you need from the folks above me.

    I will just add that rain had nothing to do with algae starting. rain doesn't cause algae.
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