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Thread: Daily check and add?

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    Daily check and add?

    I have been reading about the TFPC method and it sounds great. My question is often times we are gone on the weekends. Will this method still work well if we regularly miss 2 days in a row due to being out of town?

    I have read a lot about adding chlorine daily and didn't know how our schedule would impact this if we aren't available to add chlorine on most weekends.
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    Re: Daily check and add?

    I keep my CYA a little low so that I can use pucks in a floater for when I am gone for a weekend get away.

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    Re: Daily check and add?

    This is one of the biggest reasons I chose to build a salt water pool. We RV a lot, so we're gone for days at a time. At least my chlorine will be dosed properly while I am gone.

    This is also why I dose w/ PolyQuat 60. Shouldn't be needed if you follow TFP methodology, but I use it anyway as insurance of sorts. I'd rather have the cost of the chemical than potentially lose out on days of prime swimming and the aggravation of SLAM.
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    Re: Daily check and add?

    If you are just leaving for a couple days at a time you can just bring your FC up to SLAM level. Unless there is something going on you should still be above minimum when you get back. If you leave on Friday and get back on Sunday then that method will be fine. If you are going to be gone any longer then tabs are a good alternative during that time, just keep an eye on your CYA.
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    Re: Daily check and add?

    Yep, +1 on taking your pool up to shock level for your CYA and you should be good.

    Here is the chart to look up shock level
    Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart
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    Re: Daily check and add?

    Just bump up the chlorine level a bit (add enough bleach for a 2 day dose) and throw a solar cover on. Cover prevents the sun from breaking down the chlorine. I go away for a week every July & August in the summer. I bring it to shock level and throw the cover on. When I come home, I pull the cover off and the chlorine is still above my normal range. I have a neighbor keep an eye the water level, if it rains heavily while I'm gone. He drains it for me, if needed.
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    Re: Daily check and add?

    I've done the FC to shock level as well as taking a couple of pucks and put them in a floater. Both methods have worked. If you use the pucks in the floater method, you just need to be mindful of what your CYA is. When I get home, I take the pucks out the floater, let them dry, then put them back in the bucket with the other pucks. I put the partially used ones at the top. This helps manage CYA while adding the chlorine needed for these short getaways.
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    Re: Daily check and add?

    I left for a few days and just brought my pool to Shock FC Level and it was perfect when I got back, In fact thats what I'm doing this weekend.
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