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Thread: Clorox Bleach

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    Clorox Bleach

    Being in Texas, I'm having a tough time finding liquid bleach.

    Is Clorox an acceptable alternative to the shock granules bought at Leslies pool store?

    Also, using the shock packs from Leslies, does this increase the CYA levels?

    Thank you for your time and guidance.
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    Re: Clorox Bleach

    Being in Texas, I'm having a tough time finding liquid bleach. Every WalMart has it in the laundry section. GreatValu is their store brand and least expensive

    Is Clorox an acceptable alternative to the shock granules bought at Leslies pool store? Liquid chlorine is not only acceptable, but preferred

    Also, using the shock packs from Leslies, does this increase the CYA levels? They are going to either raise the CYA or Calcium levels depending on the specific product

    I would look for a HASA Dealer in your area for pool chlorine which will most probably be even less expensive
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    Re: Clorox Bleach

    Clorox is just fine. Great Value brand from WalMart is fine. Any type of bleach is fine as long as it's regular, unscented bleach. Do not use splashless or outdoor bleach. The only thing that's important is the hypochlorite percentage listed on the bottle and that the bleach hasn't been on the shelf for a long time. Bleach % hypochlorite will decrease over time so the fresher the bleach, the better. Most bottles will have a date code on the side and you can usually decipher what date the product was manufactured. For instance, on my 12.5% liquid pool shock, there is a number in the printed date code that is "15113" This means that the bleach was produced in 2015 on the 113th day of the year, April 23rd.

    The shock packs may increase CYA levels or they may increase CH levels. Read the label for active ingredients. If the active ingredient contains "dichlor" it will increase your CYA. If the active ingredient is "calcium hypochlorite" it will increase your CH. There are other types of shock such as lithium hypochlorite or non-chlorine shock, monopersulfate. Those two will not increase CYA but are more expensive and therefore, not recommended for regular use.
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    Re: Clorox Bleach

    Lowes in Dalls/North Dallas carries 10% chlorine. Aldi carries 8.25%, both are cheaper than walmart.
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    Re: Clorox Bleach

    Every supermarket in the USA sells bleach. So do dollar generals and CVS or Walgreens. Of course since you are in Texas, there is a Walmart nearby.

    Price is the only nuance.

    Just don't get the stuff with fragrance or easy pour.

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    Re: Clorox Bleach

    Quote Originally Posted by wil
    Being in Texas, I'm having a tough time finding liquid bleach.
    I think what he was referring to in this quote was the high concentration liquid chlorine (>= 10%)...and he does have a point. For whatever reason, it is not as easy to find here as it is in other states and this question has often been asked on the forum over the past few years. I've been to pool stores in Florida that carry 12.5% liquid chlorine but the same chain here doesn't carry any at all and they look at you strangely when you ask.

    With that said, Lowe's and Home Depot occasionally carry 10% liquid chlorine, but pay attention to when it was bottled. The higher concentration liquid bleach loses its strength faster than lower concentrations, especially in warmer temperatures. Since Clorox increased the sodium hypochlorite concentration from 6% to 8.25% a couple of years back, this provides a good balance between concentration and shelf-life, plus it's easily available. Since I get it at a warehouse club or grocery store, the product turnover is greater than at Lowe's and HD so there's a much better chance of getting fresh product containing the labeled strength.
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    Re: Clorox Bleach

    You can use the Hasa Dealer Locator to find their chlorinating liquid in Texas. For example, searching in the Dallas area returns Riviera Pools of Dallas, A-Quality Pool Service in North Richland, and Gohlke Pools in Denton. There's also Napco in Houston where you can buy a carboy/drum or bring your own for refill.
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