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Thread: Bringing New Life to an Old Pool

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    Bringing New Life to an Old Pool

    Hello all!
    My wife's aunt and uncle recently gave us their 27Ft above ground pool. They hadn't been using it for the past couple years and it had become a green eye sore.
    This past couple weeks were spent taking it down, having sight work prepared at our house, and installing it at our house complete with a new filter and liner.

    The pool is now nearly full (using water hose) and I am hoping to be able to turn the pump on tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

    I have done a little research and have decided that I am going to try using the liquid pool chlorine instead of tablets or any other method, as I don't want to be unnessarily adding to much CYA or other things.

    The pool is approx. 18,000 gallons. Can you give me an idea of the PPM levels that I need to shoot for? The product I am planning on buying says that for 1 PPM use 1 FL OZ in 750 gallons of water.

    Also, I am thinking that I can get by with only running my pool pump for 8 hours in a 24 hour period... it states that it operates at 70GPM. I have read a few things that tell me at that rate my pool water will cycle in four hours, and that it should cycle twice in a 24 hour period. Also, should the 8 hours be continual, or 4 hours in the day and 4 hours during the night?

    I haven't yet purchased at test kit, I know that the TF-100 is talked about quite often on here...though it seems a little pricey. Is it really worth the money?

    Thank you to whomever helps me with my questions!! I really appreciate it, and hope that I can maintain a truly Trouble Free Pool!!!!

    27Ft Above ground, 52" wall height.
    Approx 17,500 gallons. Vinyl liner, cartridge filter.

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    Re: Bringing New Life to an Old Pool

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    We use PoolMath to calculate dosages for chemical additions. It will give general recommendations for ranges if you set the parameters on the bottom, but likely best to post your ideas and get feedback.

    Flow rates and turn overs are generally meaningless. Typically 4-6hours of run time is plenty. See: Determine Pump Run Time

    And finally, YES!! the TF-100 is worth the money. It is the best deal to get you all the tests you need. At a minimum add the SpeedStir or the XL option to get yourself free shipping. You need to order ASAP as you should have had the kit before you filled.

    Have you discovered Pool School yet? Start with these:
    ABCs of Water Chemistry
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    How to Chlorinate Your Pool
    Recommended Chemistry Levels
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    Re: Bringing New Life to an Old Pool

    Hello Charles! Although Jason has already replied accurately, here's little more feedback from me on your questions:
    - Once your pool is full of new water, you will adjust all chemicals, but make sure you do not hesitate on adding stabilizer for your CYA, and about 2ppm level of regular liquid bleach. Once your CYA begins to climb, you can increase the FC to your ideal "Target" level (links below)
    - As already noted, the Poolmath calculator does the work for you. Just practice with it or ask questions.
    - You are correct that you can modify the length of time you run your pump. Many people do so. The link above will help you.
    - Is the TF-100 worth the money ..... YES! Imagine a workd where you never have to go to the Pool Store again! That's it. Don't hesitate.

    Welcome to TFP!
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    Re: Bringing New Life to an Old Pool

    Thank you for your feedback. Now I am nearly a week in and am starting to get used to checking the chemicals daily. I have the pump on a 4.5 hour schedule, 2 and a half hours in the evening, and 2 hours in the morning. Seems to be working pretty good so far.
    The gentleman that I got the pool from had it for 15 years without any trouble. His advice was to shock it weekly and use a floating pre-filled chlorinator that has cut outs where you cut the openings corresponding to the amount of gallons in the pool.
    I have started out by using that, but am interested in going with the Bleah,Borax,and Baking Soda method. I've read too many posts on the internet talking about the dangers of using the floaters and run away CYA levels.
    What I haven't been able to find, and am hoping to find here, is directions on what levels of product I need to add to achieve desired effects with my 18,000 gallon pool.

    The liquid chlorine I have purchased says 0.5 PPM use 1 oz in 1,500 gallons of water, 1 ppm use 1 oz in 750 gallons of water. Math is NOT one of my strong points. How many oz do I need to add to my pool to raise it by 1ppm and so on? Right now I am sitting at about 1ppm of free and total chlorine with that floater. I think I would like to get up to 2, but don't want to raise too much higher.

    Also, the past few times I have checked my PH has been high, around 7.8 PPM. What product (Borax or Baking soda) Can I add to fix that, and how much???
    I really appreciate any help you guys have!
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    27Ft Above ground, 52" wall height.
    Approx 17,500 gallons. Vinyl liner, cartridge filter.

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    Re: Bringing New Life to an Old Pool

    Using the pool math calculator I was able to determine that your liquid chlorine is a 10% solution. To get to your recommended level of level of 4% of Free Chlorine (FC) you need to add 92 ounces of your product. I would pour it in in front of the return while letting the pump run to disperse and mix it with the water. You can check your level again after an hour or so. Your ph is fine for now. If you want to lower it to 7.6 you would add 11 ounces of liquid muriatic acid. Do this after the chlorine is dispersed.. I have included a link to the Pool Math calculator so you can set it up for your pool.
    Mike F.

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