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Thread: free chlorine on test strip staying white.

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    free chlorine on test strip staying white.

    just moved in and learning about pools, i had the pool drained, refilled,shocked and all seemed ok but at this time all i have for testing is 4 part test strips( ph, free chlorine, total alk., and stabilizer.) ph is 7.8, alkalinity is 80, stabilizer is low, but the free chlorine is very low,(0) the pool store down the road tested my water and said all looks ok, no contaminates, i called them about test strip staying white on free chlorine and he said that part of test strip was probably bleeching out on strip, i havent added any chlorine at this point. so next day algie starting to show up in pool, i brush cleaned pool, i put two 3 inch chlorine pucks in skimmer, overnight, test strip still reading the same,i cleaned out my filter in pool room it was really full of yuck, i thought pool people did this when they drained pool but they didnt. i did a backwash which i dont fully understand yet, when i turned on the circulation pump brown water came out in pool, well i went out and got a gallon of clorox and am now at my main question of how much clorox should i put in pool and what else can i do? i plan to get a good test kit but not till weekend, budget allowing. help appreciated
    pool size: 20x40 ft. oval, 32000 gals. average depth 6 ft., vinyl inground, hayward sand filter sp714, chlorine feeder cl200, sun on pool approx. 6 hrs per day,

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    Re: free chlorine on test strip staying white.

    Welcome to TFP! So much of what you asked is based on the proper test kit, and it's simply too difficult to answer some of your questions without the proper test results. But I can say that if you're seeing green/algae starting to accumulate in the pool, you will need that test set soon to start what we call a "SLAM" (link below).

    Also understand that the term "shock" is not applicable here in TFP. That term is basically a short-lived spike in chlorination used by the pool industry. It won't resolve your algae problem. For now, I would suggest removing any pool store pucks or chlorinating products and simply add about 1 gallon of regular bleach to your pool each evening to try and keep matters from getting worse. Once you receive the proper kit, let us know all your readings and we help you take action from there.
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    Re: free chlorine on test strip staying white.

    Welcome to the Forum. Soon the experts will be answering your questions.
    My little advice to start: stock up on liquid chlorine, stop talking to the pool store, get a good test kit ASAP and read Pool School. There is a lot of information on this site that will teach you how to get your pool balanced and sparkly using basic chemicals found in the grocery store, yep, that's what I said.
    You will learn so much and love your pool when you follow the forum's advice.
    Get ready!
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