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Thread: Too much chlorine for slam???

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    Question Too much chlorine for slam???

    Had to give myself a face palm today when I tested my water and my CYA level rose...this year my levels were finally manageable (started at 40 this year) after total mess up on my part last year (well and the pool store guy who said I needed chlorine tabs with stabilizer in addition to all the shock it) and I refused to partial drain last Aug. In a hurry with the heat of summer already in full swing, I tried to cheat...yes I can admit it. But in my defense I did try to look for Shock It without stabilizer and thought I found it...ah not! Sadly I checked pool school after and not before. So now with my 60 cya and my fc 35 (FC dropped from 45 when I tested in morning), I want to add more bleach overnight to prevent additional FC loss. I know my FC is more than the 40% for SLAM, but I am afraid to wait until morning as pool gets full sun almost all day. Thoughts please! I want to say I have been following this site for a few years and after reading post after post and my own trial and error, there are no short cuts! We always get behind opening our pool because our weather gets hot fast and rain. Hard to monitor the SLAM. I took me awhile to understand the whole SLAM process, but the test kit (Taylor K-2006) was a necessary purchase that I didn't get until the end of last year. So bleach tonight and how much? Or no bleach and take my chances in the morning with new test.
    Thank you all for this wonderful forum...most of my problems would have been eliminated years ago if I just followed the instructions!
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    Re: Too much chlorine for slam???


    Just dump in enough bleach to get to 36 or 38 after the sun stops hitting the pool and leave the pump on. You won't lose any to sunlight, which should save a bunch.

    Really obsessive people set the alarm clock and get up in the middle of the night to test, add, and brush. It's true! One guy did it. He was in the military and wanted to get it cleared before he left town and he did it in three days of insane activity.

    That said... if the pool is really murky and you have the option (Please fill out signature and location) you should set the filter to recirculate while you're asleep so it doesn't clog overnight.
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    Re: Too much chlorine for slam???

    Thanks for the tip on recirculating. I am an early riser and a bit obsessive but won't go out with a flash light at night. The frogs will (My daughter fished one out when she was vacuuming). When I can keep an eye on the skimmer, I typically use a sock on the basket (well actually my daughter's old ballet tights). I was reading through some more posts and I noticed CC should be .05 or below. When my FC dropped to 35 I tested the CC and it was 25. I read in one of the algae posts that this is because of the process and should lower, however is there anything else I should test for to be sure? When we started the whole slamming process we were high on PH and added the m...acid. Boy that made me nervous! PH went a bit low and we added baking soda...test was 7.5 for PH and then started the SLAM. PH is currently closer to 8 but I also read the slam process can raise that as well. I just wanted to add the background in the event it was affecting the high CC. Oh, and we top our pool off with well water as needed. We lower water level below skimmer for winter and added the well water (plus all the rain we have had) to fill.
    Hopefully the signature will post this time. I had made one but I see it wasn't included. I made another.
    Thank you! I will beat the algae!
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