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Thread: Cannot find leak...

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    Cannot find leak...

    Good afternoon,
    It seems that I have a leak in my vinyl inground pool and I'm loosing about 3 inches a day. Did the bucket test, ink tests on all 4 returns and I believed it to be in the plumbing. I live pretty far out in the country and American leak wants 800 bucks to come out and find it. So, I started digging. I have a small three foot deck surrounding the pool and dug underneath the deck at the skimmer and I found water. No leaks at the skimmer but the water is coming from the left leaking and running down from what I assume to be a return line. I have all returns plugged and the filter closed and there is no leaking. When I pull any one of them off, the water starts again. I also noticed when I put the eyeballs back on the returns I have water going underneath the liner on that same return. This makes me think that the problem is at that return. I got in the pool and brushed the liner back in place and now I am wondering if that is the water I am seeing at the skimmer. I have about 15 feet from the return to the skimmer four feet down and underneath the deck. My question is if there is a slick way to find exactly where the leak is without having to build an Indiana Jones mine shaft under the deck? Thank you for your expertise.

    Hey guys, another hour of digging. I have found what I believe to be the source of my leak. For some reason, I have a check valve coming off of one or all of the return lines. The lines are running together but the second line has a 90 coming up, then 90 right into a check valve , then back down to the line. It looks to us that the valve failed and water is pouring out of the left end. We put the filter on closed and plugged the return lines and that has stopped the flow of water. Can I replace the PVC with 4 90s without having a problem with water flow? It's going to be tough to get in there and clear enough line to have enough leverage and couple a stright line. Any advice, other than to climb my big rear end down there and fix it?
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    Re: Cannot find leak...

    I know you do not want hear this but..................a picture would be helpful. Or you could draw a diagram???

    I know what I THINK you are saying but..........

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