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Thread: Just setting up Pool need lots of help :(

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    Just setting up Pool need lots of help :(

    Hello everyone Please help me! I have just finished setting up the Walmart Intex above ground pool 22x52 I have a sand filter set up and have always used the Krystal Clear Salt Water System again another Walmart product, however I keep having to buy one every year, because it stops working unexpectedly. So now I am going back to Chlorine. Here is the problem: My late husband always took care of the pool. I am new with all of the this stuff and I don't know where to begin or what I need to get this pool ready for my daughter's birthday party. Please help.......I am desperate! - Thank you for any help you may supply.

    I have an above ground pool 22x52 Walmart Intex, I own a sand filter.

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    Re: Just setting up Pool need lots of help :(

    Do you have your pump and filter running, and is the water going through the skimmer to the pump and back into the pool? If not, the first thing to do is get that all set up. Then you need to test your water to see what you need to add. Do you have a test kit (not strips) that you use? If not, highly recommend buying the K-2006 or TFTest kit on this site. You will keep your water sparkley all summer with very little effort.

    If you've filled the pool (online it says it holds about 10,500 gallons at 90% full), have you added anything at all to it yet? Sorry for so many questions, just trying to understand where you are so I can help. Welcome!
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    Re: Just setting up Pool need lots of help :(


    You're starting with a fresh fill, so that makes things easier. Unless you're filling from a well....

    As stated above, first thing is to get the filter going and check for leaks.
    Second, add 2 ppm FC using bleach. If the pool is 10,500 gallons, a quart of standard 8.25% bleach will do that.
    Third, add stabilizer. You can buy it at Walmart. 3 lbs poured into a sock and tied up and either set in the skimmer or hung over the side in front of the return stream so it dissolves fast. It'll still take a few days. When it's all dissolved , it should have you at 40 CYA.
    Fourth, test pH. Hopefully you still have at least a basic pH/TC tester from the last pool. Adjust that so it's between 7.2 and 7.8. If you post the readings, we can tell you what it needs exactly. (But we'll expect you to learn how to use poolmath yourself pretty quick)
    Fifth, take your daughter inside and slather her with sunscreen and changed into swimsuit. That's it. The pool is swimmable.

    The next day, you'll need to add another quart of bleach

    By day three, you'll probably be wanting to check your FC level and calculate how much bleach you'll need to reach the new target of 5 FC. And retest pH.

    Somewhere in there you need to find time to order up a proper test kit. That pool is no kiddie pool, 10,000 gallons is a bunch of water. Too much to dump out if it gets yucky. So you need to test and dose it yourself. Don't worry, it's easy. In a couple weeks it will be as routine and time consuming as brushing your teeth. And you'll also want to read ABCs, Recommended pool Chemicals (What does what and how to add it) and Poolmath (How much to add)
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