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Thread: pH still increasing daily 1 yr after new plaster

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    pH still increasing daily 1 yr after new plaster

    Our pool was replastered a year ago (March 2014). I was told to expect pH increase and large acid demand as the plaster cured. Reviewing my notes from last year, I typically added 2 cups of muractic acid daily to keep the pH around 7.5. This was continued up into the fall. During the fall/winter/spring my acid usage dropped significantly. I may have added 2 cups of acid weekly. Now that summer is back, my acid demand has crept back up. I am now adding 2 cups daily or every other day. I'm trying to maintain around 7.5

    Here are my current test results using the TF-100 kit.

    CC= 0
    TA=70 (This number has ran around 50 all winter. I just boosted it to 70 recently and that is where it ran before replaster with no pH swings)
    CH= 190 (This has typically ran between 210-230 since replaster. This is lowest result I have had)
    CYA=25 (this is purposely low because I will be on vacation and using the trichlor tabs next week)

    Is this typical for pH? Some of the posts I searched mentioned curing in a month or within a year, depending on method used for startup. I'm concerned that I may harm the new pool finish if something is not allowing the plaster to cure. Is the low CH a problem as well?

    I use the BBB method and have never had to SLAM the pool since refilling in March 2014. I've only added algacide once because I took the FC to zero to do an absorbic acid treatment for iron staining back in October. I do add a dose of metal free weekly to prevent staining because I noticed in spring that iron was starting to deposit on sides again. Other than that, I don't add anything else to pool besides bleach and acid.

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    Re: pH still increasing daily 1 yr after new plaster

    I have seen people who have PH rises a couple years after new plaster. So I would say it is normal, but should slow by the end of the season.
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