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Thread: Leaking Intex

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    Leaking Intex

    We have a 15' Intex with inflatable ring. It was brand new last summer with no leaks. I put it away dry and clean last fall (and away from where kids could reach it in the garage). I set it up last night and began filling and with a couple inches of water in it it began leaking from underneath. I inspected it before filling and did not find any holes. Could it be leaking at the seams? Any ideas on how to find the leak would be appreciated. It is a bit unwieldy. Thanks!

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    Re: Leaking Intex

    It could just be condensation if you don't see it squirting out of a hole or seam. See what happens after a day or two. . .
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    Re: Leaking Intex

    Ours had a leak the third year we set it up. Like you we noticed a puddle with a couple inches of water in the pool. I got in the pool and pulled from the top of the sidewall to "roll it back". We dried the area up, and let it back down. Waited a few minutes and rolled it back again and were able to narrow down the location of the leak. Once we had a good idea where it was at, I pulled it back just past the point where we thought it was and the wife zeroed in on it from where the water was coming thru, and I found the tiny speck on the inside. A couple things that worked in our favor; our leak (pinhole) ended up being fairly close to the edge, and my pool is set up on top of polystyrene so the puddle was easy to dry up then locate. If yours is on a tarp, I assume that would be about the same.

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