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Thread: Pump Humming

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    Pump Humming

    My 1.5 HP Hayward Northstar pump is not working and is humming when I turn it on. This pump operates the waterfall only, so I think I can use the main pool pump while this if offline. I've been through a diagnosis via TFP and other online videos, and determined that my options are (a) replace capacitor, (b) replace motor, or (c) replace the entire pump.

    Went to the local pool store to check on pricing on all of the above, and the manager (who I trust) advised me to bring the entire pump in and he would replace either the capacitor or the motor with no labor charge. I figured that would be the best option since I would not have to mess with a new seal and other accessories that might have to be replaced. Brought it in on Wednesday and he told me to expect it done either yesterday or today. When I took the cover off the motor, I saw that there was a lot of corrosion inside, and grounding screw had broken off. Those issues, plus the fact that the pump is OEM and 12 years old, led me to decide to just replace the motor and not bother with the capacitor.

    Just called the pool store, and manager told me that he has been advised (by his area manager) that the motor that he was going to install can't handle the pump, and that he would need to order a pump from Hayward. He had advised retail price of $340 for the motor on Wednesday, now he says the required pump will be significantly more expensive but he doesn't know how much yet. He also said that it may approach the cost of a brand new pump!

    When I previously searched for replacement motors for this motor, I had seen a variety of A.O. Smith motors for between $280-$300 via online shops. These pumps are described as 1.5 HP full rated Northstar replacement motors. Now I'm wondering what to do. I had assumed that the $340 cost he quoted was for the "correct" motor. Wondering if I should just go get my pump and order a motor from someone else, or call a repair guy (I have a couple that I have used in the past) to diagnose and fix. I'm not very handy.

    Would appreciate any direction that you can give. Thanks!
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    Re: Pump Humming

    If it were me, I would just remove the motor from the pump and take it to an electric motor service facility
    and have it reconditioned.

    Much cheaper and the motor will be better than new.

    Though you may need to deal with at least a seal replacement if the service co doesn't do it.
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    Re: Pump Humming

    You must be forgetting that you're going into a store for convenience and customer service.
    You must pay for this.

    Think about the warranty on an online motor purchase.
    Think about getting that guy swapping that online motor to guarantee it will work.

    These guys were telling you up front that they made a mistake quoting something before you spent a dime.

    I can search online and find distributor cost on some things too, but a retail store has to charge a mark up cost.

    Don't forget how a store stays in business.
    They have to make money, or they won't be there when you need them...

    If you were able to disconnect the pump and bring it in, just buy a whole new pump and put it in yourself.
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    Re: Pump Humming

    I had something similar happen, though I think it ended up that the impeller was clogged, causing the motor to not turn. But we replaced just the motor. I have a Pentair, but I didn't find it all that difficult. I just remember using sockets on the bolts, and the "trickiest" part was making sure the o-ring stayed in place when attaching.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Pump Humming

    A lot of times when a motor hums it is a bad capacitor which is that hump on top of the motor. That is what gets the motor started. It is worth a try replacing it. You can get them from appliance stores or AC or electrical supply stores. Usually less than $20. Bring the old one to them. Make sure you put he cover back on it before you turn on the pump. If it is the wrong one or some other problem it can explode.

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