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Thread: Arctic Spas Tundra Legend

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    Arctic Spas Tundra Legend

    Hi Guys, We bought a Tundra Legend and we are having trouble with balancing the water. We are on a well and our water needed 6 cups of Muratic acid to get the Alkilinity in check. We are useing Bromine based salt. Filters are re-usable. Our water is YELLOW. and we cant get it to clear up. Levels on test strip are balanced as near as we can tell. We have consistant levels of over 800 on ORP meter and think that this is causing the yellow color. Our settings are :

    Filter menu
    Fd 02
    FF 04
    Low level menu
    1 79
    P2 1
    P3 1
    Cp 1
    Cf 0
    Cc 0
    Dh 3
    Fc 1
    Can you see anything wrong with these settings? Also is it possible that this is to much Muratic acid, and this is causing our grief? Thanks in advance Dave.

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    Re: Arctic Spas Tundra Legend

    Hello and welcome!
    I hope someone with alot of experience will chime in, but I've had a spa for 2 years now and whenever I've gotten yellow water, it has been because my TA (Total Alkalinity) was low...I'm on well water, and the tendency of my spa (even when we don't use it and it's just running the circulation pump) is to raise pH and lower TA.
    Not saying yours will do the same, but you may want to be sure you test your TA (maybe even take a sample to your local dealer to see if their numbers are close to yours). I always have to add baking soda and dry acid almost every week.
    You may want to breeze through some of the Getting Started section of this site also, to get some ideas of water balance for spas.
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    Re: Arctic Spas Tundra Legend

    I'm no expert, but yellow water suggests high iron levels, which suggests that a metal sequesterant may be called for. "Metal Gon" or the equivalent.

    BTW, I have no idea what all those numbers mean that you posted. What are your CH, TA, and Ph?
    Cheers, Erik
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