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Thread: Just switched from SWG to chlorine...HELP!

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    Just switched from SWG to chlorine...HELP!

    Long story short, we bought our home 5 years ago and at the time our saltwater pool was 2 years old. We had endless problems with the pool since we were learning and the staff at the pool store is not very helpful to put it nicely. In those 5 years, we went through 3 pump motors due to salt corroding the seal which was $250 each time and this year our cell went out. Many people told us they thought saltwater was overrated, and we should consider just going with chlorine because it isn't THAT much more expensive. Everyone told us that in general you will spend more each summer on pool chemicals with chlorine than you will with saltwater, but that your repairs related to saltwater equipment will set you back more, but that it seems to even out in the long run. Made sense to us, so we decided to make the switch.

    So far we haven't had any real issues keeping everything at the optimum levels, and swimming in chlorine vs saltwater hasn't been a bad experience for us.

    However, I'm not so sure we get this chlorine thing and our pool store wouldn't really offer us any advice once they found out they weren't getting $700 from us to replace our salt cell.

    Someone told us to get 3 inch chlorine tablets and put a couple in the skimmer basket and just leave them there, but take them out when we turn the pump off. I've also read never to put in the skimmer basket and use a floater instead. The issue is I bought a big bucket of tablets a week ago and only have 2 left. Every night when my husband goes to turn the pump off and checks the basket, the tablets have dissolved. This can't be right, can it? If it costs us $25 per week in chlorine that will be VERY expensive in my opinion as compared to salt. If we used a floater would it dissolve less quickly? Do you always need chlorine in your pool or just keep an eye on the levels?

    Per the test strips, our total chlorine and free chlorine are right on par. Our ph and stabilizer is a little off though, but the pool looks great.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated...I'm afraid we are either over chlorinating it or just didn't understand how truly expensive chlorine is. One "pool guy" told me he put 2 of the 3 inch tablets in his skimmer a month ago and they are still there. How in the world is that true???

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    Re: Just switched from SWG to chlorine...HELP!

    Sounds like you have quick dissolve tabs. And yes, chlorine is probably $25 a week.
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    Re: Just switched from SWG to chlorine...HELP!

    Welcome to TFP!

    Where to start? Please read these links, ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry, and Recommended Pool Chemicals.

    The salt water was not the reason the seals failed on the motors, there was something else that caused those to fail.

    We don't recommend using pucks for daily chlorination.

    Please post your pool specs in your signature so we can see what type of pool you have.
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    Re: Just switched from SWG to chlorine...HELP!

    Welcome to TFP!

    Are you planning to chlorinate with pucks or are you planing to switch to liquid chlorine/bleach after your get the CYA level to where it needs to be? The pucks add CYA to your pool and you will eventually have to start performing partial drains of the pool to manage your CYA level.
    Here is an article on Pool School - How to Chlorinate Your Pool

    Here are some of my fave Pool School articles about water care and chemistry.
    TFPC for Beginners
    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry

    Here are the Recommended Levels for your pool.
    Here are the Recommended Pool Chemicals and how to add them.
    Use PoolMath to figure out how much to add.
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    Re: Just switched from SWG to chlorine...HELP!

    Welcome to TFP!

    I'm afraid you've been Ill advised. For certain about the pucks. It's not good to feed them with a skimmer even though many people do. Generally, The cost of Chlorine and the cost of replacing a SWG is about a push every time. Your question about tabs dissolving is easy. They are using Trichlor that dissolves slowly, where the ones you have dissolving overnight are made of Cal Hypo. Either can be used in given situations, but understanding their use and function is the key. Most importantly, that both of them have side effects.

    You always need free Chlorine in the pool no matter the source. It needs to be monitored frequently with a proper test kit. Doing that, and understanding it is the core of what we teach and do. It's really pretty simple once you get the understanding of the balances down. With this and the other important parameters.
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    Re: Just switched from SWG to chlorine...HELP!

    also, a salt water pool is also a chlorine pool. It uses the SWG to generate the chlorine and adds it to your pool when the filter is running, instead of you manually adding it.
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