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Thread: A couple of plumbing questions

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    A couple of plumbing questions

    I have read on here that you want all of the pipes run separately. I assume that this is so it is easier to fix if you have a leak down the road. The PB told me that the 2 main drains connect together and go back to the pad but everything else is separate.

    1) Should I insist that each main drain be plumbed separately?
    2) I am installing a fair amount of concrete decking and ALL of the plumbing is laid out to run under the decking. Should I change the path to go around the decking?
    3) See anything I should ask about or change in the contract?

    Trying to think of EVERYTHING in advance is a job in and of itself....

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    Re: A couple of plumbing questions

    I am a novice with plumbing, but FWIW I think local code requires the dual main drains (MD) and that they be piped together. I think the intent is that, say a person were to get "sucked" into one main drain then water would still flow through the other MD and the person could swim away. Although unlikely, if MD's were piped separately, a person, clothing, etc. could get stuck.

    Again, that is my assumption from similar posts but somebody will be around to confirm soon. Congrats on the pool...soon.
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    Re: A couple of plumbing questions

    What he said ^^^

    The two drains have to be plumbed together and far enough apart that a kid can't get held down by the suction. Do insist he plumb the line to the pad with a valve and not through the skimmer.
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    Re: A couple of plumbing questions

    If these are the main drains that are several feet apart in the deep end, I am pretty sure you have to have them on one line and split like that for safety reasons. This is so a person can't get stuck on one drain. If you completely cover one, it will just start pulling from the other one.
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    Re: A couple of plumbing questions

    2) I am installing a fair amount of concrete decking and ALL of the plumbing is laid out to run under the decking. Should I change the path to go around the decking?

    Yes if there is room that would make life alot easier in case of plumbing repair down the road. We actually installed paver deck for that very reason.
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