For sale; our pool heater. We are moving out after 3.5yrs of using this fantastic air-source heat pump to warm our pool, allowing our pool to be open from March-Nov. It is a Fibroheat 55.

The theory behind it is that when it is warm, it takes the heat from the air and dumps it into the pool water using a compressor\evaporator just like an air conditioner.

What it means to the user is;

1) A very easy installation - just needs the pool water and 220v which will already be in your pool electrical cabinet. All the hookup unions and wires are provided.

2) Cheap green pool heating - when the outside air is over 80F, you get $5 of heat into the pool for every $1 you spend on electricity. It is much more economical than gas.

It provides a gentle warming effect, typically 6F rise on the flowing water, so if you want a long pool season, you'll definitely need a pool cover. 80F water is achievable in March even at 3000' in Las Vegas' dry air. This unit is powerful enough for around a 10,000gal pool.

It can be viewed working and I can show you the hookup, and deliver locally. Freight options will be at the buyers expense, but I can work with you on this and deliver it to a FedEx depot.

Cost over $1400 in 2012, now selling for $699 as I'm leaving the country! Buyer pays for shipping. Thanks for looking.post_image2.jpgpost_image1.jpgpost_image3.jpgpost_image2.jpgpost_image1.jpgpost_image3.jpg