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Thread: First above ground pool. Pointers?

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    First above ground pool. Pointers?

    I am about to install my first above ground pool. I ordered a 15'x30'x52" saltwater pool (not sure why it is called saltwater pool, didn't come with a salt water generator). I'm almost finished with the ground prep now. Any advice on installing the pool would be greatly appreciated! I plan on doing the foam on the floor, cove, and walls. Also should I go with a saltwater generator or chlorine?

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    Re: First above ground pool. Pointers?

    SWG and chlorine are essentially the same. The SWG will cost more up front and if you go with chlorine, we highly recommend liquid chlorine bleach from the grocery aisle. That means you'll be lugging bottles to the pool. So, which would you rather do?
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    Re: First above ground pool. Pointers?

    Also do you want to add chlorine every day? That was the deciding factor for me on adding a SWG. I like automation. It is not set it and forget it though. You still have to test often to make sure it is doing what it is suppose to. Also pH needs to be lowered a little more often with a SWG.

    Just to check, have you been all the way through Pool School?

    Do you have one of the Recommended Test Kits?

    If not, seriously, you are setting yourself up for failure.
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    Re: First above ground pool. Pointers?

    Order your test kit today. I swear by the TF-100 and the Aqua Check (salt) test strips - it is worth EVERY PENNY. I have a SWG and for our lifestyle (work, ball games 2-3 nights a week, etc) it is the only way to go as I don't have the time to test and add bleach every night. We start the season by filling the pool (from the winter lowered) test, vacuum, add the appropriate amount of salt (use the cheapest from WalMart SALT is SALT - pool or water softener as long as it is 100% salt you are good), get CYA level good, and add bleach during startup. During that opening time I'm adding bleach as the SWG keeps you level but you shouldn't use it to bring up your chlorine level when bleach can do it super quick and easy.

    Once you are balanced then kick on the generator and you are done! Oh I don't add much of anything else the rest of the summer. I test to be sure and do spend time having to keep the PH down as it goes up but cost wise you aren't looking at much pool chemical wise....pool toys are another matter as I'm a sucker for another cool float.

    This summer's opening cost
    4 bottles 12% bleach - $7.99 (caught a sale)
    4 bags of salt - $20
    Stabilizer/CYA - $15


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    Re: First above ground pool. Pointers?

    Agreed! I easily run my pool all summer for less than $100 in supplies.
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