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Thread: Cloudy Water!! New to owning a pool and am LOST!

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    Cloudy Water!! New to owning a pool and am LOST!

    Hello - We purchased a house in the winter and it has an in-ground pool. We have no clue what we are doing! When we opened it, it was green. We've gotten the algea out (we think as it's no longer green) but it is still very very cloudy. We can't see beyond the second to last step of the staircase. And haven't ever seen the bottom of it even in the shallow end. I can't seem to keep chlorine levels normal either. TA, PH, are ok. CYA is low. Hardiness is low. The pool store has me adding random bags of shock and low and slow and some stuff to clean the filters and a pool tonic to clear the cloudiness. Nothing is helping and I am over going to the pool store people now. If I shock it the chlorine levels will hold for close to 2 days. The pool is in full sun all day. When it rains or if it's close to the 2 day mark we have no chlorine again.

    From what I read here, should I add some major amounts chlorine to clear it up and then try to stabilize the CYA and get my chlorine levels up and holding? What are your thoughts on the cloudiness? My 5 year old has been begging to swim. It's been open for 3 weeks now and this past weekend we finally went in after I shocked it and got a normal chlorine reading but the cloudiness worries me. I really don't like being in it when I can't see my feet.

    Please help, any thoughts are appreciated!
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    Re: Cloudy Water!! New to owning a pool and am LOST!

    Welcome to TFP!

    Having good test results is important to helping you figure out what to do. The solution to low chlorine is simple; add more chlorine. You are going to have to add it daily by some method, and more often if you have algae or not enough CYA.

    Hardness is irrelevant with a vinyl pool. Ignore it unless you have a heater.

    CYA is extremely stable. You add it and it will stay at that level for months. If you are seeing variation it's probably from testing error rather than actual changes in level.
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    Re: Cloudy Water!! New to owning a pool and am LOST!

    Hello and welcome! Glad to have you with us. You are in the right place to be. First thing's first - even though you believe to have some reliable test results, I can almost guarantee they are not. The proper test kit is everything. Why? Because we've all learned (from personal experience) you cannot reply on pool store tests, test strips, or simple over-the-counter kits. They don't read Free Chlorine (FC) or Cyanuric Acid (CYA) levels accurately or to the high levels we need.

    That said, you appear to have been through an algae bloom of sorts and have managed to beat it up a little, but it's still there. Yes, we just use regular liquid bleach as our primary chlorine agent. Below in my sig is a link for "SLAM". I suggest you start reading on that now. You should also read the other links since they will pertain to what you will be doing. But first, I "highly" recommend ordering the TF-100 test kit as seen in the link below. Everything hinges on that product, and you won't regret it.

    For now, without accurate, reliable test results we can trust, you should probably focus on simply preparing to add about a gallon of bleach to your pool each day until you get the proper kit. Also, do NOT add any more tablets, pucks, or "bags of shock" to your pool from the pool store. Those can have a terrible side-effect on your CYA levels and work against your progress.

    Again, welcome Megan to TFP! Others will welcome you and give lots of advice as well. Have a good day.
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    Re: Cloudy Water!! New to owning a pool and am LOST!

    Quote Originally Posted by Megan Sliker View Post
    Hello - If I shock it the chlorine levels will hold for close to 2 days. The pool is in full sun all day. When it rains or if it's close to the 2 day mark we have no chlorine again.

    Please help, any thoughts are appreciated!
    You do know you need to add chlorine on a daily basis? Chlorine won't "hold"

    If you want to end your frustration you need to post accurate test results and in order to do that you need a good test kit. You have probably already spent more on shock and chemicals than the kit costs!

    Order the kit and post the results and you will be amazed at how quickly you get advice and have clear water!
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    Re: Cloudy Water!! New to owning a pool and am LOST!

    Megan! I am so glad you found us! We can help you take control of your pool AND save you so much money! Just do as they say above and get a good test kit.

    Since you are going to have to SLAM you really need the TF-100 XL as you will go through quite a bit of tests before you get your pool clear. The link to where to buy it is in my siggy below.

    I can't wait to hear about how much your child loves the pool when it gets clear!

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    Re: Cloudy Water!! New to owning a pool and am LOST!

    Welcome to the forum.

    Repeating what everyone else said, the key to what we teach is a precise test kit so you can report to us the condition of your water and we can advise how to fix it.

    While you wait on the kit, you can put a small jug of bleach into your pool each evening and that will keep it sanitary and maybe even clear it up some. Run your pump 24/7

    We'll all help you get your pool crystal clear and keep it there the rest of the summer.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Cloudy Water!! New to owning a pool and am LOST!

    Hi Megan,
    Your water is cloudy because it still has some algae growing in it. Unfortunately, you have been pool stored. But dont feel bad, many others here were also pool stored.

    TFP is a methodology of pool care. Its easy and very economical. However to manage your pool, you need a good test kit. You are going to need extra test reagents of chlorine, because 1st you need to SLAM the pool. Get yourself a TF100 from Get the XL option. It will proivde you that extra test reagents you're going to need.

    While you are waiting for your test kit, make yourself familiar with the following info.

    How to SLAM -Follow these instructions to a T. Its not a one time thing! You have to Maintain your FC until your water is completely clear.
    Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain

    FC/CYA chart. AFter you get your test kit, measure your CYA, and select your recommended and SLAM level FC from this.
    Pool School - Recommended Levels

    Pool Math - a handy tool that tells you how much of something to add. But you need a test kit in order to know what your "NOW" level is and whether or not you reached your TARGET level after adding something.
    Divin Dave,
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