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Thread: New pool start up chemicals

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    New pool start up chemicals

    What should I get for chemicals for new pool start up?
    Hi I have a new above ground pool 18' by 52' metal frame. With a Sandman sand filter system and pump.

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    Re: New pool start up chemicals

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    Liquid chlorine and stabilizer.

    Many here use normal household bleach for their source of chlorine. Stabilizer (also know as CYA) and bleach are available at WalMart.

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    Re: New pool start up chemicals


    It's a given that you'll need some bleach.
    It's a given that your fill water will have zero CYA aka stabilizer.
    Without a test kit and test results, it's anyone's guess whether the pH will need to go up, go down, or is fine where it is. So if you don't have a test kit, get one. Test strips just aren't accurate enough. And the kit you'll want is rarely stocked in pool stores anywhere. They'll sell you a different one and tell you they're the same, but they're not.

    If you're filling from a municipal water supply, there won't be any need to shock the pool, and the pool will probably only need around a quart of clorox a day, so two or three jugs of bleach is plenty to start with. A 4 lb canister of CYA granules will be more than you need, but I think that's the smallest size they sell. While you're out and about, locate but don't buy Muriatic Acid, Baking Soda, Washing Soda, and Borax. Don't frantically hunt for it store to store because you might not need some of it. Just find out who has what and where they hide it in the store so that when you do have test results and know what you need, there's no delay getting it.

    You're starting with a perfectly clean slate here. You can tame the pool before it gets unruly and keep it crystal clear and sparkling by yourself with very little expense if you're willing to test it and treat it yourself.
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