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Thread: New Liner Issues

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    New Liner Issues

    Decided to replace the liner this year, located in Canada, so our season is quite short (5-6 months). Used a small company and he took out the pool liner and measured the pool. Two weeks go by and the new liner is getting installed, problem is it does not fit, apparently too big. One week later he returns with a rep from the liner manufacturer and tries to install the original liner, of course it does not fit and they re-measure the pool. Ten days later second liner is in, four weeks from the start.

    The pool is filled and heated, in for the first time today and I happened to step on something in the deep end. Upon further inspection, I find out there is a rock? about an inch by two under the liner in the deep end. I contact the installer and he says he can hammer the rock down? I don't see how this is going to work because the base of the pool is concrete, I also worried the liner will get damaged.

    I guess I could leave it and wait till I close the pool before anything is done, but my pool cleaner will keep bumping in to this.

    What is usually done in this situation?

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    Re: New Liner Issues

    Welcome to the forum!

    I am sorry to say I really don't know, but common sense says that doesn't sound like too good a plan.
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    Re: New Liner Issues

    From my experience, don't let him! When I purchased my house in 2011, they had a new liner installed after I moved in (part of the purchase agreement).
    Evidentially, the company that installed it, did so in a hurry and did not check the surface of the vermiculite. By the end of the season, I had lil holes in the bottom of the pool. When my son and I opened the pool the next year, we drained it (since liner was less than a year old and it was April and still fairly cool) to inspect it. I called the installer and he claimed that we put the holes there. I asked him, "if that is the case, with 8 feet of water, how did we put the holes in the deep end?" He shrugged his shoulders. I could take my hand over the liner and feel rocks, and if I pressed, the rock would come through the liner. I wish I still had pictures, they are on my old phone that died before I got all my photo's off).
    We probably patched 20 holes. The installer wouldn't fix it, and I finally stopped wasting my time with him (I didn't pay him, the old owner did). Now, I tell everyone I know to stay away from his company. I researched and found lawsuits against his company for shoddy builds.
    Last year I finally had it, and purchased a new liner from another PB. He also put in new coping, put foam behind the liner, repaired the vermiculite and painted the steel. A year later, and I'm not finding any holes.
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    Re: New Liner Issues

    Called the liner manufacture, waiting for their reply. It will take three or four days to drain the pool, fill and reheat, cost would be around $500-600 for the water, salt and heat. Installer has been paid in full, he better cover my costs.

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