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Thread: Need help with cloudy water

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    Need help with cloudy water

    I have an ~15,000 gallon pool and when I opened it this year it was very green with a lot of debris in it. I have been adding copper algaecide, fresh n clear shock, and regular granular chlorine. While it is no longer green, there are a lot of suspended particles now and I cant seem to make any progress on clearing it up. I would say the visibility is around 18-24 inches down at best. I bought one of the recommended test kits I saw on this site and below are my results:

    FC 9.6ppm
    CC 1ppm
    pH ~7.3
    TA 130ppm
    CH 210ppm
    CYA <30ppm (I fill the tube all the way and can still faintly see the black dot)

    Another serious issue I am having (which I believe is related to whatever is suspended in the water) is that my cartridge filter will not get clean. I have hosed it down repeatedly, soaked in it a cartridge cleaner bath, muriatic acid bath, and TSP bath all overnight with no noticeable change. The pleats still feel slimy to the touch and the instant I turn the filter on the PSI jumps back to 18 psi (normal is 10psi). I even went out and bought a new cartridge and after only 1 hour the PSI jumped from 10 to 18 and got the same results after soaking the new filter in the above mentioned baths. I now have 2 filters (the first was only 1 year old) that are utterly useless. I am soaking one in a copper algaecide bath to see if that has any effect. The cartridges are so bad that I have decided to run the filter with no cartridge at all but use a filter saver on the skimmer basket (panty hose type netting), which i have to take off and clean about every 20-30 minutes.

    Please help

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    Re: Need help with cloudy water

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    My recommendation is to stop using the Copper Algaecide right away, and perform a SLAM procedure on the pool. You can click that link in my sig line, and if you follow it to the letter, you can get the pool to clear by doing so. I'm afraid you'll have to keep pulling and cleaning the filter a lot in the beginning, but it will get better.
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