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Thread: First pool, troubles with well water...

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    Smile First pool, troubles with well water...

    Hello to everyone!
    I just bought my first pool and filled it with water from a well.
    First day color was green but not crystal clear:

    first thing I lowered the PH, then added a "all in one" product with choc chlorine.

    Next day color went greener, so I added more chlorine and it started to turn brown.
    today the water is a bit more clear, if I look from near I can see the bottom of the pool, but it's way far to be a nice pool:

    so now the questions:
    I am using a cartridge filter (with a paper cartridge I guess), rated as 3700lt/hr.
    Water passes through filter (it has been turned on all day long yesterday and today it has been on for 10 hours), but when coming out it has the same brownish colour (I can see it through the trasparent pipes).

    So it seems like my filter can't remove this particles (but if I clean the cartridge it's brown and water turns immediately very brown, even if the filter was cleaned two hours before).
    maybe I should keep it running until the water becomes clear?
    what about a sand filter? would it clear this easily? here a sand filter would cost half the cost of the pool. is it worth? will it improve my pool experience, apart from this episode?

    thanks everyone!

    Enrico from Italy
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    Re: First pool, troubles with well water...

    Welcome, Enrico.
    A sand filter stands a better chance at clearing iron, but you also need to add meal sequestrant, and where possible, avoid shocking, which oxidizes metals in the water. In this case it might be cheaper to try out the slime bag filtering product I mention blow.

    I don't know what products are available to you in Italy, but we normally have a better chance at helping people if they have a drop kit (Taylor k2006 or TFT100...hard to get I suspect abroad.)

    Other ways to get the rust color out include putting fabric around the skimmer to help catch more particles, and using something called a "slime bag" which I know other Euopeans have been able to locate and use to help filter well water.

    If you buy the adapter, this can also be fitted right to your return:
    The Slime Bag | The Easiest Way To Maintain Crystal Clear Pool Water.

    That migh help you clear in a few days.

    If you haven't already, please read up on TFP pool school o help get off to a good start once you've dealt with the well water.

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