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Thread: To hard plumb or not..that is the question

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    Smile To hard plumb or not..that is the question


    A few days ago I spent 3.5 hours in a pool store as the owner intermittently gave me lots of "information" and recommended different constructs for my new sand filter and pump. I left there with lots of hard plastic flexible pipe (that he had recommended) but then at the last moment while I was walking out the door he suggested, "that's probably not the way to go, call me tomorrow." Aack. His concerns were twofold; 1. My pump (1hp) would be pushing a lot of water and 2. My sand filter and pump would be located under our deck making accessibility an issue for back washing, etc.

    I could go back, but while I appreciated his willingness to help...that's 3.5 hours of my life I will never get back. (Please understand, he was not helping me much of the's one man operation and he helped me in between customers who came in with a definitive shopping list). I bought many things from just seems they may be the wrong things.

    So. Is there anyone here who recommend a best case scenario for me? Our pool is a 9x18 intex ultra. There is a deck that runs the length of the pool, on the side with the intake and return. The deck is about 9 foot wide. I have a 1 hp dyna flow pump and a large haywood sand filter waiting to be set up. Currently the pool runs with the awful canister filter and pump that it came with, along with a SWG. It appears to be necessary to set the pump and filter up outside of the about 9 feet away from the side of the pool.

    Other pertinent information...It is going to be 95 degrees in Boise, Idaho in 3 days. My 4 children are on summer vacation and may eat me alive if I do not get this figured out soon. I am a girl with zero plumbing experience, but I take directions well and I am confident...which can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. I really prefer to not cut holes in my pool liner for a skimmer..maybe if I win the battle with plumbing this year, my over confident bravado will convince me to do this next year.


    1. My children are rowdy. They will jump, they will kick, they will splash. Is rigid pvc a bad idea? Is there long flexible pipe available that will work and not get brittle?
    2. Should I put both pump and filter out from under the deck?
    3. Am I foolish for thinking that I can conquer this on my own?
    4. Can anyone hold my hand and talk me through it?

    Thank you!
    9 x 18 x 52 Intex Ultra Pool... 4545 gallons... SWG and currently scoping out a Hayward 3/4 hp pump and sand filter

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    Re: To hard plumb or not..that is the question

    I installed a 12x24 Intex UltraFrame pool last summer, just like yours but larger 8400 gal. I found the Intex filter/pump did ok to start - but under a deck like yours it was a pain. But you may want live with it for a while - at least for this grandkids visit. Since these pool walls move as kids swim in it totally hard-plumbing it may not be advisable. Use rigid PVC piping - 1-1/2 in probably in your case - I used 2 in even for a 1 HP pump - (see my recent post) to locate the pump, filter more accessible - but the for the final connection to the pool use the flexible hoses may be better. This Forum has tips on the adapters to go from the metric Intex fittings to standard US fittings - I had orderd them online, last year.
    Your new pump/filter piping should be rigid PVC piping if now longer runs are involved - the the flexible short Intex hoses with adapters for the last connections. I used a tip I learned from TFP and ran larger piping through the openings at the pools corners (between the pools liner at the corner and the round metal pipe that holds the top frame together) if I had not done that I would have had to cut larger holes into the pool walls - and was afraid to do that. All this new piping is a fairly time-consuming job - try to muddle through for now - with what came with the pool - so you kids can swim - hope this helps somewhat. You seem very capable - but all this can be time consuming. The various photos of Intex pool plumbing here at TFP may help a lot. Also keep winterizing, draining, valves, etc in mind. jens
    Intex 12x24 UltraFrame 8500 gal AG, on 2 in Pactiv foam on reinforced 5 in thick concrete patio as foundation for future 3-season sunroom. Wooden deck around pool, flush with 1st floor of home. 1 hp single-speed Pentair pump, Hayward 1200 Cartridge filter, 2 in piping, 55-70 gpm pool water to WS-05 Aquacal geothermal heat pump with about 20 gpm source well water. (a 5-ton open-loop geothermal heat pump already heated/cooled the house.)

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    Re: To hard plumb or not..that is the question

    You can find good videos on YouTube on plumbing an INTEX pool.
    That is how I learned to do mine

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