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Thread: Need a pool guy to help find a leak

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    Need a pool guy to help find a leak

    Hi I opened to some major issues this spring. I got ice damage to my vinyl (at least thats what the guy from the pool store said) and I think my pool is leaking. I have two large holes in the vinyl, on either end of the first step into the pool. I have no budget to replace the vinyl so I patched it up using several overlapping pieces of to help make sure it doesn't leak or tear. In the meantime since I already removed the cover the water pretty much turned completely green.

    Anyway the patches seemed to be holding up so I proceeded with pool opening, I filled up the pool and started the shock process using Walmart store brand bleach ($2.99 per jug). The water is now clear but I think I may have a leak. I noticed it with the pump on or off so this means the leak is within the pool itself. I also did the bucket test to rule out evaporation. I didn't have a ruler when I checked this morning but I measured it using some barbecue sticks and a marker. The water loss in the pool was double that of the bucket.

    The thing is I have dropped food coloring around the patches, returns, skimmer and light and I don't see the color being sucked in anywhere. The only thing I haven't done is go into the pool and check the pool floor for tears. Is there anything I missed? Do I need to call a professional? If I do do you guys know someone in the NJ area? I realize I need to replace the liner but was hoping I could just patch it up and use it one more summer. I might even be able to diy the liner replacement with some help but the leak has complicated things. I called someone from a nearby pool store but he quoted $5000 to replace the liner among other related work. I just can't afford it right now.

    Sorry for the long explanation and thanks in advance

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    Re: Need a pool guy to help find a leak

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